White Hat Step by Step SEO

Create Website with SEO from Zero Base

Access up with SEO

Let's create a new website from zero based start up. This website support you to do it.

I guess you are currently planning to make a new website to promote your business. The first planning is very important to make your site grow up.

This website introduce a content based marketing strategy with Search Engine Optimization.

Step 1. SEO and Content Marketing Strategy

Content based Serarch Engine Marketing

The first thing you have to think is how to acquire access from search engine. Recently, search engines are very wise, and they are going to retrieve small but excellent contents.

Step 2. Webisite Creation Planning

CMS and blog system

After you consider the marketing strategy, think about how to actually build website and the necessary functions to do that.

Step 3. Build with Content Management System

Content Management System

After you recognized the goal of making new website, actually create a new website with Content Management System.

Step 4. Running and Access up

Access up with Sns

You've created a new website's first version. Social Media is effective way to do first SEO. If you have excellent contents, many people will interested in your website.

And You have to maintain it so that your website become popular and step up.

Step 5. Sales Copywriting Strategy

Sales copyriting is essential skill for search engine marketing. When your website is approved by search engine after some months, the technique affects traffic.

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