How to use Social Media Effectively

Social Medias

The social media is good tool for promote your website. The search engine cannot understand which content is eligible to show, without human response.

For example, Click Through Rate of the search result, natural link's popularity is one of them.

Do initial website's rank up

In order to access up, back link is necessary. But currently, search engines do not appreciate artificial seo oriented links.

Therefore we have to create mechanism to get back links or social signals which has same meaning with them.

Social Signal

The links from Social media are marked "nofollow" on most of cases. Technically, they not effective links.

But search engines, especially Google, Yahoo and Bing, acccepts them as social signals. And it works as back links.

I think it is cause of matter if the search engines want to know how people responds to contents. The meaning of social signals for search engine is same with natural inbound links.

Get Natural Signals

As the back links has natural ones and not natural ones, that is same with the social signals. You had better not do spam.

There are some automation tools which support your posting a lot of message. By using them, you can create a lot of contents on the time lime of social media, and it seem to have affluent contents, and seem like you have many chances to appear.

But social media is every time analyse user's account in order to qualify them. It is same with web search engines. Each social media has search engine to find real time information. You also have to do search engine optimization for them.

Before gaining access from long tail keywords

After you start a new website with new domain, you can not collect access form search engines. Then social media is effective tools to collect access instead of them.

By using social media, you can learn how to write contents which match reader's demand. Making contents match up to reader's demand is essential fact to do content marketing.

Social Media

Each social media has own feature. Therefore, you have to think how to use it effectively.


Twitter is useful social media. By setting the hash tags, your tweet is searched by it. It is effective tool when you start the website.

Write a blog and spread it by the tweet. If your tweet is retweeted or favorited naturally, it is a gool social signal.


Facebook is suitable to promote the website by advertisement. On facebook, to collect customer is easy, but connect with the customer is not easy.

Therefore you have to think how to have them revisit your website, or you can use it to check the response of users by getting traffic by promotion.


Linked in is very popular SNS for business persons. When someone visited your website is interested in you, they sometimes want to connect with you.

Google Plus

The google plus is suitable for collecting users from website.

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