Use Facebook to check user's response

The facebook is one of the biggest social media, and it has powerful advertisement platform. By using it, we can generate traffic to check the response.

Platform for paid promotion

The facebook is basically social network for paid advertisement. There are hash tag like twitter, but it is not opened like it.

The twitter contrive to arrange tweets with the Top tweets and All tweet, but facebook do not have such functions. Therefore when you use facebook, you have to budget for promotion.

Promote by low cost

The facebook's user is currently greatest in the world. Therefore you can advertise almost every thing by cheap price. And we can promote it from very small budget.

Actually I sometimes try it for $5.00 - $10.00.

advertisement budget

Targeting users

The facebook has function to target users. But it is impossible to set very detail of interest like hash tags of twitter.

Twitter's hash tag is easy to image the audience, but facebook's targeting function is more absolute than it.

User's loyalty

The facebook's advertisement is shown on the time line and right navigation parts. When the user look that and they interested in it, they click it.

On twitter, the audience of hash tags is who input the tag by their self.

Therefore the user's loyalty is lower than twitter. Therefore response is worse than one of twitter.

We have to recognize that Twitter marketing is publicity action, and facebook marketing is good advertisement.

Promote Facebook Page

When you promote with face book, you have to create a facebook page. After create it, you can promote following stuff.

  • Facebook page itself
  • The page's post

Both promotion's goal is to get "like" action, and catch the customers. After the customer do "like" to the page, the facebook page's posts appear on their time line.

The "like" is easy to get. If the advertisement has impact, a lot of users click it. It is easy to increase the number of the page's followers.

But who clicks "like" button pushes others, therefore the reach of the post is very low. Therefore, if you use facebook promotion, I personally recommends next one.

Promote own Website's page

After making facebook page, you can promote the Website of facebook page. The advertisement send traffic directly to the page.

Facebook advertisement

When users click the "Learn More" button, they can go to your website. This advertisement is very effective to get traffic to check the response of readers.

Compare with Twitter

After reading this page, let's compare with twitter. Getting response on Twitter is much more difficult than using facebook advertisement.

But it is good practise to write sales copies, and if you get response of users, their royalty is higher than facebook. Please take a look at How to use Twitter effectively.

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