How to use Twitter effectively

Twitter is the most suitable social media to get initial social signals. It has hash tag to spread tweet for targeted users.

By bringing up the account, you come to be able to spread information to many users. In order to do that, you have to bring up your account correctly.

Grow up your account

After you created a new account, it is weak, therefore you have to bring up it. The social signals are easily detected by twitter, therefore you have to get good social signals.

Get follower

At first, you have to do is getting followers. But a user who uses twitter seriously to get information uses lists. It is because if they follow thousands of accounts, it is impossible to catch important information.

But the number of follower is necessary to bring up the account. Of course the quality of followers are important. Therefore you have to collect mutual followers who is interested in same topics.

The followers are similar to external back links on SEO. If a person who has grown account follows you, the account's authority become much greater than before.

The most effective way to get good followers is tweeting good tweets. When social signals happens, some people will follow you.

Tweet and Social Signals

Getting social signal is one of goal to use twitter on SEO. When following facts are fulfilled, those happen.

  • Tweet message for proper target
  • Original message is included in the tweet

By using hash tag, you can easily spread the tweet. It is the most attractive point of twitter.

Clean time line

When you tweet, it is located on your time line and follower's time line. You should create a time line with few useless tweets.

That is because when a user interested in your tweet, and also interested in you, then the person will check your time line. Then a lot of useless tweet are there, the person will avoid to follow or add you into the list.

Followers increases by bringing up account

By bringing up the account with keeping the quality, followers naturally increases. Because the Twitter's recommend mail come to suggest to follow you .

When the social signals occur, the chances to be suggested increases. Keeping account's quality is very effective to add followers.

User's usage and seo effect

Twitter uses use following functions to bookmark tweet of users. The most valuable signal is follow. But each signal has value as much as or more than book mark.

social signals


Favorites are used to bookmarking a tweet. When a user favor a tweet, then the tweet is listed in the FAVORITES list page.

The favorite signal is relatively easy to get. And this is first step to learn how to get natural links. The mechanism people set natural link on their website or blog page is same.

And favorite signal is useful to check the page's point of view. That is because they favor your tweet for theirselves. They do it because the tweet is necessary for them.

By tweeting a message which has link to your web page, you can check if the theme of the page is generally demanded or not.

But when the tweet is not demanded, it does not means the information is useless. The information is not comprehensive to general persons. Comprehensive information and useful information is different.

Just select comprehinsive ones for sales copy.


On the contrary with favorites, retweet is done for other users. When users feel

  • The tweet has suitable information for the followers
  • The tweet is worth spreading

One more reason is necessary for retweet to occur. A popular person's tweets are easily retweeted, but it is difficult for new accounts.

That is because people think information from popular account has much possibility to be accepted by other person. Or if the information is really useful for a person and the person think the information is popular, the person will not retweet

Therefore I think you have to aim at favorites, after bring up your account, you'll come to be able to get it frequently.


If your message was valuable, and a user interested in you, the person will add your account to a list. This is almost same with follow. Just the number of follow does not increase.

When you added to the list, your tweet appears on the list's time line. Therefore the possibility that your next tweet will be read become high.

Heavy users of twitter tend to use lists efficiently. Therefore your account is frequently added to the list, that is proof of the value of your information.

And I personally think the list is most appreciated signal. Because the users who are using lists really use the twitter. That means you are appreciated by serious users.


Follow is the most heavy relation ship in twitter.

But who follows too many accounts without arranging lists does not read the message. Their goal is the number of followers.

Unread message has no meaning, and the search system, which uses social signal of twitter, knows the greater number of follower does not means important account.

Therefore, an account with hundreds of following accounts is just a greeting.

If you continuously get other signals, follower will naturally increase. We have to remember the goal of Twitter marketing is to spread information to suitable persons, and to be appreciated by them.

How to use the hash tags

Twitter has hash tags function to spread tweet for users who is interested in the topics. The reason why Twitter is suitable for the first approach of social media marketing is this function.

Research hash tags

There are some websites to check the number of tweets with hash tags.

By using them, we can check how many tweet with each hash tag are posted. We have to select tags which are used frequently. Frequently used tags are searched by many users.

The shows graph of usage.

usage of hash tag

By watching it, you can set proper time to tweet when you use the tweet scheduler.

And you have to select and research some main hash tags for your site theme before starting tweet. Once you do it, you can use the tags efficiently.

Select the correct target for the tweet

After researched the hash tags and the popularity, you have to research who are checking the tags, next.

That is because the tweets which are added to the favorite is suitable ones for the users, neither excellent  nor useful ones.

For example, the "#seo" tag's watchers are whom are finding latest information about SEO. They are not who start to learn SEO.

We also have to research the demands of tag watchers. This is very important task.

In order to research that, access the Twitter and actually search by the tag.

search by hash tag

And check following things.

  • Which tweets are added to the favorites
  • Which tweets by account with few follower is added to the favorites
  • Research them on Top and All section of the tag's time line

By researching these facts, I guess you can image how to get favorites, and difficulty of shown on the Top tweets.

If you find tags which is popular and seem to be easy to be appeared on the Top tweet, it is a chance. By choosing the tags which is suitable for current account's growth and tweet's impact,  we can bring up twitter account step by step.

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