Write Blog Continuously

After you created main contents as blog category, you have to write blog posts continuously. The main contents are to aim at middle keywords. By writing blog posts, you can generate traffic from search engines by long tail keywords.

Role of Contents

Blog and Main contents

The website consists of 2 parts, they are main contents and blog articles.

Each part has own strong and weak points, and cover them each other. By this web structure, we can build effective internal links, and cover a lot of information by least number of pages.

Main contents are blog categories

Main contents pages are organized pages, and it works as blog category. But these pages have a lot of original information.

If the blog category has authority rank, the blog articles can be liked by strong page. And in order to rank in by middle keywords, the ranked page should have a lot of information.

Blog articles for continuous update

The main contents is organized document, therefore it is not suitable to add pages continuously. But in order to get traffic from search engine by long tail keywords, certain quantity of contents volume, and continuous update is necessary.

Blog articles cover those points.

What topics are suitable for blog

Writing a blog post is easier than main contents, because you do not have to consider the structure of information.

Therefore you can write what you want. And following themes are suitable for it.

Case studies

Case studies are very suitable for blogging. It is also suitable for contents search engine prefer. There are a lot of people who search case studies.

And they do not satisfy with one result, even if they find some result, they don't stop searching. They want many case studies as possible as they can.

Experience around you

To write about case studies is heavy task. But people demands story about your experience. Therefore, small story you experienced, and what you think become a good blog theme.

Search engine users who demand case study want to know the detail of the experience. Therefore by writing detail of small story, you can write suitable articles to aim at long tail keywords.

Detail of main content's topic

When you write main contents, sometimes you think that you have to write more about the theme, but there are no space to write. Then you can write it as blog posts.

By using Content Management System and blog efficiently, you can set high quality internal links on both main contents and blog page.

Technique of SEO on writing Blog

As you continuously write blog, the number of pages increases. Then you have to keep the entire wesite's quality.

Especially, entire link quality is important. To write a lot of blog post is possible for everyone. Therefore you have to do more about SEO.

Keyword tag group setting

Keyword Tag

Setting keyword tag group is very important. By the setting, quality of the website for search engines changes.

The links of side navigation parts depends on the setting. Therefore you have to think how to set the group in order to generate high quality links automatically.

Covering essential and demanded relevant of topics

This is the most important thing when you do content based SEO. Search engines are evaluate the website and pages. And the quality of the page is biggest fact for search engines to rank.

It have to cover almost all of information about search user's demand. If the page has few information, the search engines dismiss them.

Therefore you must not split the sequence of theme in the story into many pages, in order to increase page volume.

Link from article body

When you write blog articles, you have to set links from the body of the articles, both from last articles to current, and current articles to them, and to the main contents.

The search engines can not evaluate the value of your contents without links. Therefore there are few links, you lessen the opportunities to be appreciated.

This is a little bit troublesome task, but by doing it, your website's rank will be up effectively.

Use social media with Blog posts

When you post message on the social media, blog articles are useful companion. You can write blog after you find how to post a article to the social network.

Especially, twitter is effective tool to spread your information by hash tags.

If you get social signals from it, the search engines appreciate it. Before access from search engines by long tail keyword comes, it is effective way to bring up your website.

In addition to that, you can learn how to write, select theme and catch phrase, to attract attention to the audience.

About the social media, please take a look at How to use Social Media effectively.

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