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Think the integrity of demand to find strong keywords in SEO

When you find keywords which can collect customers going to buy, considering the whole demand is effective. The demand is consists of small demands. And there are strong small demands and weak ones.

Therefore you have to choose strong demands, and corresponding keywords.

The structure of demand of customers

The customers have goal to do something. All of the detailed demands are to fulfil the conditions to execute the goal.

For example, a customer who is going to do web marketing has following demand structure.

Example of demand structure

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Created time: 2015-06-30 Last updated time: 2015-06-30

Create a strategic e-commerce site

SEO is essential for e-commerce site owners. Sophisticated advertisement is effective to the sites, but SEO is more effective, because the chance to catch the customers dramatically increases.

The formation of the e-commerce site

The e-commerce site is a website which has contents about the commodities and shopping cart system to buy them.

Each parts has own role, and they are different. Therefore you have to create e-commerce site whose parts concentrate on the role.

Commodity catalog

The catalog of the commodities are the main contents of e-commerce sites. The customers visit the e-commerce sites after that the site seem to have commodities which they are finding.

On collection customer, it is very important to appeal the varieties of the commodities, when you create a e-commerce site which is not for special commodities.

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Created time: 2015-06-27 Last updated time: 2015-06-29

Create an SEO friendly product information site

The product site is a little bit weak at SEO. But we can make it stronger by making effort to adding SEO friendly pages.

Why product sites are not good at SEO

If your product is not famous, the product information site is a little bit not good at SEO. The main reason is that the users do not know the product, and they can not search what they do not know.

Therefore you have to include information which can be queried in the website. Shortage of following factor lead to the weak point of such sites.

Making contents about the product

When you create contents, you'll mainly explain about the product.

Then the product has little differentiation, most of keywords can be general words, which most of people who are searching the type of product.

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Created time: 2015-06-27 Last updated time: 2015-06-27

Create a great learning site for marketing

To teach something to the customer is essential process in consulting sales. By making learning site, you can sell commodities which is difficult to sell, generally speaking.

Process of consulting sales

The commodities which are difficult to sell requires more steps to do that. The commodities easy to sell are comprehensive, therefore by introducing the existence when the customers want them, the sales will be made.

But the difficult commodities require to make opportunities for the customers to need them. Therefore following steps are necessary.

Collect target customers

Collection target customer is the most important phase in selling difficult products. That is because a customer who do not going to buy the product never come to buying it.

That is because the process of buying such type of the product requires the customer's effort. It is not only you to make effort.

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Created time: 2015-06-27 Last updated time: 2015-06-27

Satellite site strategy to build branding image

When you do SEO, to create multitude websites is not necessary. But by using a few satellite site, you can effectively build your brand image, and that is effective in SEO.

What is satellite site

The satellite site is another website than the main website. I think most of people reading this website will have main website to represent your identity.

But I guess some of the people feel following things.

  • The contents of the main site is not suitable for catching customers on the first phase.
  • More website which has stronger authority is necessary.
  • The main site is enough contents, and it is hard to add new pages without duplicated contents.

Then I recommend you to create a new satellite site to collect customers.

How to create a satellite site

When you create the satellite site, it must have another goal but the main site. The common theme can be exists. But affluent original contents are required.

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Created time: 2015-06-26 Last updated time: 2015-06-26

Contrive the first view of the landing page

The first view of the landing page is decisive factor of conversion rate. Especially when you use advertisement, it is very important.

By the way, bounce rate of the visits from search engine is lower than of advertisement. To know the reason lead to finding the solution.

The biggest problem on using advertisement is bounce rate

One of the difficult point of internet advertisement is the bounce rate. The customers get out the page, at a glance, if the landing page is not optimised.

The high bounce rate is up to following factors. These factors are not completely solved, high bounce rate continues.

Target customers

The target customers of the advertisement is decided by following things.

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Created time: 2015-06-25 Last updated time: 2015-06-25

Do not add pages without new information

To add contents is effective to SEO, but simply adding web pages is not effective. That is because the recent search engines can understand the quantity of the information, and ignore the pages which do not have few information.

The search engines the quality of website by quantity of information

The recent search engines come to being able to understand the natural sentences more than before. They can understand the duplicated semantics, and original semantics.

Automatically generated contents

Most of automatically generated contents are detected by the search engines. I wrote Be not afraid of big competitors on keywords research, then I wrote that "The Google do not shows all pages in site command".

There are many websites which has thousands of pages, but actually recognised as the target of search result is less than 400 pages in most of cases.

That means that, the Google eliminate the pages which has original information than the other pages.

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Created time: 2015-06-24 Last updated time: 2015-06-25

The more exposure effect in SEO and internet marketing

The more exposure effect is famous phenomena, and it is relevant to SEO. That is because the search engines count signals generated by humans.

What is the more exposure effect

The more exposure effect is an phenomenon that  a person trust other persons by only meeting many times. The person do not have to do communicate with the other person, by just meet many times.

This effect is available for websites and brands. Therefore in addition to write excellent contents, you have to make effort to increase the opportunities that your customers recognise your website.

Web Design and identity

The internet users recognizes the website and brand instead of the person. Therefore you have to contrive the identity in the internet to make the recognition easy.

Logo of the website

The logo is very important to be aware of the identity. And the logo is used in many situation.

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Created time: 2015-06-23 Last updated time: 2015-06-24

Compare human sales man and web content

Internet marketing using contents is essential for small business owners. Then comparing the analog sales and digital marketing is effective to write good sales copies.

Common points between analog and digital marketing

Both analog and digital marketing's goal is selling commodities. The basic concept of selling is same.

Customer's interest

Customer's interest do not changes by using internet. But by the information customers get after the contact, it sometimes changes.

That is also same in both digital and analog marketing. The website gives information to customers by contents, and the shop and sales persons give it on alalog marketing.

The order of sales information

When a sales person going to sell a product after catching target customer, the person does following things.

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Created time: 2015-06-22 Last updated time: 2015-06-22

Branding is personal emotional process

When you think about branding, you'll image crowd of fans, but the actual process is done inside individual person.

What is the branding

The website branding is to be recognized by a person, and the person has image about the website or author.

How the user experience of readers change

When the reader appreciate the contents, and they think there are more good contents, they come to looking forward to your new contents.

And if the reader especially appreciate you, they can find your logo or name from crowd of contents. The readers usually do not recognize unknown contents without what they are looking for.

But they can recognize your contents by your name, if you are branded. This is very strong status in internet marketing.

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Created time: 2015-06-22 Last updated time: 2015-06-22
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