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Branding is personal emotional process

When you think about branding, you'll image crowd of fans, but the actual process is done inside individual person.

What is the branding

The website branding is to be recognized by a person, and the person has image about the website or author.

How the user experience of readers change

When the reader appreciate the contents, and they think there are more good contents, they come to looking forward to your new contents.

And if the reader especially appreciate you, they can find your logo or name from crowd of contents. The readers usually do not recognize unknown contents without what they are looking for.

But they can recognize your contents by your name, if you are branded. This is very strong status in internet marketing.

To be found is the first step of internet marketing, and it is the most important and difficult factor.

Take the good case on thinking

When the reader think you are promising and expect good contents, they think positively about you.

Therefore if the information on your website has good factor and bad factor, they take the good factor and ignore the bad one.

For example, there is a page to introduce a lot of examples of achievements in the website of SEO company. But the detail information, which is the keywords and the websites, does not exists, following cases are considerable.

  • The company do not disclose the detail to protect customers.
  • The company invented the achievements, because they do not have them.

If the customer appreciates the brand, they take the primer good case. Otherwise they take bad case.

Keep the brand and make it stronger

If your brand is appreciated by some customers, you have to make it stronger. It is easier than getting the first contact. Just writing good content, your brand will be appreciated more and more.

But if you continuously write contents to make readers believe wrong things, and they noticed that, the brand will be depreciated.

The process of branding in the internet

The process of the branding is of one-to-one marketing. That is because the brand is appreciated by each person.

Exactly, most of people consider the reputation of other people, but finally decide if appreciate it or not is the person. And each person do not have method to investigate the real status of the reputation.

Therefore the branding status is up to the person's emotional status.

Therefore, in order to make brand image, you have to focus on the strategy for targeted persons.

User found the content at first

At first, you have to do is to expose your contents which is interested by the customers.

At first, you are not known by the person, therefore you have to be known. This step is the most important and difficult. Because the customers do not recognize you directly.

Therefore you have to use the keywords they know, and make customers recognize you with the relevance between the keywords and you.

On actual marketing, following opportunities are realistically available.

  • Tweet well considered copywriting
  • Hit the website with long tail keywords

If your website is too young, then traffic from the search engines are not available. Therefore, you have to concentrate on writing contents on the website for some months.

The twitter is available from first phase. Therefore I recommend you to use twitter at first.

Find the contents again and again

By continuously expose good copywriting, customers starts to recognize your existence step by step, because more exposure effect.

If you can use some media exclusively, the more exposure effect occurs without good copywriting. But it is not possible. Therefore you have to expose excellent copies again and again to the target customers.

Visit the website and know the author

If the customer find your interesting contents again and again, they come to being interested in the author. Then they will investigate about the author by following actions.

  • View the Twitter's account
  • Visit the website
  • Search by the brand

After doing these actions, the customer completely recognize you, and this is the start of branding.

Keep in touch by using Social Network

When the customer access the website, read contents, and has strong interest in the contents, they are going to keep in touch with you.

The most simple way to do that is web browser's bookmark. But recently there are Social Bookmarks. It is effective tool to keep in touch with the customers.

The followers of Social Networks read most of new contents in your website, then they like the contents, the brand image become stronger as good contents are published.

How the branded image affects SEO

The branding process effects the result of SEO intermediately, but strongly. The all signals which are done by humans are relevant to branding.

Rise click through rate on SERP

If your brand image is strong to the user, the click through rate of the website of the user is higher than other results.

High click through rate is essential factor to succeed in SEO step by step.

Opportunities to get natural links

The branding makes possibility of getting natural links much higher. The blogger do not links to untrusted sites.

If the blogger can use your web page as the proof of their idea, the number of natural links increases.

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