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Check list of writing a page for SEO

When you write articles for content SEO, you have to care not to make low quality contents. In order to keep the quality of contents, we have to check following things.

Goal of the check list

The traffic from the search engines is different between the websites, even if the volume of contents and link status is almost same.

That is because the demand for the contents is different. But the difference is what the search engines recognised. Even if the demand is surely exist, and the content about it is written, but if the search engines can not detect it, it is impossible to get many traffic from search engines.

Response the demand of searchers

The search engines are question and answer system, therefore they are searching best answer in the internet.

There are website which is suitable for answering question and not suitable. This is the difference between SEO friendly sites and not friendly sites.

The web page, which answers question properly, mention the detail of the question. When you write an article, you have to be able to answer the article is for what questions.

The manual is the collection of the solution part, therefore it is not suitable for SEO. The manual readers have definite goal and they know the manual solves their problem.

By search engine users have to start from finding which contents to read. And this first step, that the contents is found by users, is essential for the articles to be read.

Usability of the web page

The usability you have to care on writing an article is almost about the links. The usability of web design is solved by CMS templates.

The readers may have next information demand, then the page to answer it is linked from the page, it is very useful.

Even if there are affluent information, if the readers can not find it, it does not make sense.

The search engines can evaluate that by internal links. The quality of internal links represents the usability of the website. Therefore you do not ditch building them.

Check list for contents

Mainly you have to check is to consider the point of view of the readers. When you write article seriously, your point of view is writer's one.

Therefore changing the view and reviewing the contents is important. The small changes after the review will increase visibility of contents on the search engines.

Image what the user going to do after reading it

To know the reader of the article is the most important thing, as to know customer is most important thing in sales copywriting.

The readers who comes from search engines have something they are going to right now. The timing when people use the search engine is when the interest is maximised.

The readers have definite demand of information for their goal. And they do not want information that is not relevant to the demand.

Therefore your article have to concentrate on the demand. One page have to correspond to one demand.

By covering wide topics relevant to the demand, co-occurring keywords are naturally included in a single article. Search engines appreciate that.

Check the keywords for search engines

When you write your content by your words, sometimes that is different from the words which readers queries on the search engines.

By imagining user's situation and what they are going to do, I guess you can also imagine what keyword will be input on the search engine.

What you have to consider on imagining that is below.

  • What the reader going to do
  • What the reader knows and don't know
  • What is the problem for the reader

If your article mention the detail of situation, the keywords will be included in the part. If you feel shortage of keywords after review, you have to add explanation about the situation.

Then you do not have to nervous about synonym too much. That is because recent search engines can detect them, and even if users uses synonym, the pages which contains the keyword are listed.

Check relevant contents you already wrote

When you write a new article, you have to check old articles which has similar theme. And you have to confirm that the current article's point of view and other old articles are different.

The search engines checks the title and description of the page. You had better make the title and description different from others.

Check list for outbound links

Most of people interested in SEO thinks a lot about inbound links. But the quality of the links are kept by thinking about outbound links.

Link from article body part of the page

After checking similar articles, you should link to them in the body of the article, if you can.

The links on the body are stable, and they are appreciated by search engines if the links are proper.

Check recommendation links

The Content Management System generates links automatically. The recommendation links are one of them.

The links are counted as the page contents, and evaluated. If proper links are set, the score of the page increases.

In this CMS, it generates recommendation links from the keyword tags. It supports in increasing usability of the page.

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