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Checking User Experience by Speed Insight

Now I'm checking the Template's style sheet in order to make this site smartphone friendly.

When I check it, following errors appears.

Speed Insight's result

Passed Rules

There are stuffs to "Consider Fixing",  but four rules seem to be passed.

  • Avoid plugins
  • Configure the viewport
  • Size content to viewport
  • Use legible font sizes

The rules seems not so difficult to pass.

Avoid plugins

The mobile and smartphone cannot use Flash embedded objects. There are currently no video contents, therefore it is automatically passed.

When we use Youtube's video, by using iframe code provided on the movie page to shaer, it has no problem.

Configure the viewport

This is about viewport setting of the meta tag located in header of the Html. By writing like bellow, it is automatically passed

Size content to viewport

I think this is a little bit difficult. This time, it fortunately passed. When I create template in Responsive Web Design, I used the web browser's scroll bar to check the size of layer div.

When you narrow the browser's width, and the design changed into smartphone mode, then if vertical scroll bar appears on the bottom of client area, it is wrong.

By checking this way, my Responsive Web Design passed the rule.

Use legible font sizes

This is easy. If you do not use too small font, it will be OK.

What I fixed

I fixed following stuffs.

List's distance of Body Content

The distance of body content was too closed when the list is linked. I added following style sheet to the template.

RSS feed list's distance

This is same with list's distance.

Socialite's component's position

This is the most troublesome error. The only thing I can do is set "display:none;", when it is smartphone mode.

I think most of linkedin's users access from PC, therefore, it is maybe OK.

After fixed

After fixed, the usability become 100%. But the linkedin's bookmark part is not available on smartphone. I'm going to check the socialite's update, and fix it later.

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