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How to evaluate content originality in SEO writing

Originality of contents is important factor in SEO. And we have to know how te originality is evaluated.

A lot of original contents increase website's value

In addition to writing a lot of contents in the website, the contents should have originality. Search engines appreciates originality of the contents.

Appreciated originality in contents

The originality is not simply ones which are not copied. Recently search engines detect the semantic of the sentences. Therefore, even if the order and words in the sentences are different, but the meaning is almost same, the originality is not detected.

Originality of the contents

Originality simply means there are no or few other similar information. To make original content is very easy. That is because it have to fulfil the only condition, that there are no other information same with it.

The originality it self do not has value. It is an attribute of the content.

For example, following sentence is original, but no value.

  • My father is banana and eat shoes

This sentence has original information. But it does not make sense.

Therefore originality itself do not have value.

Relationship with general information

The relationship between the other facts is important to the original information.

In addition to the originality, appreciated contents have to fulfil following things.

  • The information is for real
  • It has relevance with general information

These conditions are fulfilled when the original information is with general information.

Therefore, when you write contents, you have to contain generally spoken information.

The fact is original

The original fact is simple information. It contains following parts.

  • Who or What do something
  • What is done
  • Where it was done
  • When it was done
  • How it was done

If one of these is different from other information, it is original information. Other parts can be general, and it makes relationship with the real facts.

Analysed result is original

When the analysed logic is original, it makes the hypothesis exact.

On this case the hypothesis is original, and the reason why it is correct consists of general information.

Actual Q and A contents with original information

In SEO writing, there are following position of original information in a page.

SEO writing

  • Title
  • Summary and Issue
  • Solution and Reason

Each position has each role, and originality affects in different way.


Title is the most important section of the page in SEO. Searchers select page to click and view by this.

In this parts, you have to write something the search users can understand before they read the page, at first. Therefore it is difficult to write original title.

The title have to be optimised to rise the click through rate. This is very important.

But if you can add originality by 1 or 2 words to the title optimised for click through rate. It is very effective. Especially there are a lot of competitors, and similar titles are listed on the search result, the originality exactly contribute to rise it.

The greatest title contains both issue of the content and originality. The issue has general information to get sympathy and the original information accelerate it.

Summary and Issue

The top section of the article is summary and issue.

Originality of issue part

The issue is question and problem to solve, and this part generally do not have original information. That is because this section is original, it is not searched.

If you are writing content for SNS users, the issue can have originality, but this is content for search engine marketing. The page have to be found by queries.

But rarely, you'll find very good issue. The issue has following conditions.

  • There are many people who has the problem
  • There are few person who wrote about it

Such cases are very rare. Therefore you do not have to consider the originality in the issue.

Originality of summary part

The summary part can have originality. That is because this part has information about the solution and a part of the theory.

Solution and Reason

The solution and reason part is where the originality is required most. The quality of this part is very important to get better rank in SEO.

The quality of the content is evaluated with the originality.

Readers demand originality

Readers comes from search engines desire following contents.

  • New idea about the issue
  • Another point of view to prove and research about the issue
  • More comprehensive expression to learn something
  • More example of the solution

Therefore the originality is very important factor for search engines to satisfy customers.

Theory must make sense

The semantic originality is made by combination of general logics. Therefore the fact of the logic have to be general.

If there are no facts which are general, then the search engines will think the theory does not make sense.

Recently, the Google attempting to check the facts in the contents. If that come to be available, search engines can do following things.

  • Detect word salad spam
  • Determine the specialist and beginners

In order to avoid misunderstand of search engines, you have to write detailed and comprehensive contents to humans. They evolve dramatically so that they can find excellent contents for humans by artificial intelligence.

If the search engines appreciate you are specialist of a firm, they admit your website very well.

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