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Contrive the first view of the landing page

The first view of the landing page is decisive factor of conversion rate. Especially when you use advertisement, it is very important.

By the way, bounce rate of the visits from search engine is lower than of advertisement. To know the reason lead to finding the solution.

The biggest problem on using advertisement is bounce rate

One of the difficult point of internet advertisement is the bounce rate. The customers get out the page, at a glance, if the landing page is not optimised.

The high bounce rate is up to following factors. These factors are not completely solved, high bounce rate continues.

Target customers

The target customers of the advertisement is decided by following things.

  • The target setting of advertising system
  • The media site to locate advertisement

The customers who are interested in the catch phrase or banner visit the landing page. In this phase, customers are hoping interesting information.

What the customers hope is up to the catch phrase. If the click through rate of the advertisement is high, it is suitable for the customers who visits the media.

Content matching

After the customers visits the landing page, it have to respond to the demand of customers which they have when they click the link to the page, after reading the catch phrase.

When they visit the page, and they think what the landing page explain is completely same with they desire, they continue reading the page. Otherwise they close the page.

In this process, we can not completely control the click through rate, because the advertising system decide where the advertisement appears.

But we can control the bounce rate, because we can decide the catch phrase and the landing page's contents. The bounce rate is up to them, therefore we can control the bounce rate.

The difference between the traffic from search engines and advertisement

Generally speaking, the bounce rate of the traffic from search engines and advertisement is different. The bounce rate of traffic from the search engines is lower than from advertisement, if the advertisement is not optimised.

Access via search engines

To get traffic from search engines is difficult. That means the visits via search engines clear some hurdles.

  • The article's title matches the demand of visitors
  • The content matches the demand
  • The website has affluent contents

When these conditions are fulfilled, the catch phrase, which is in the title and description, is worth to click. And the contents is relevant to the query's demand.

Therefore the pages listed on the search result pages are ones which passed the audit of search algorithm.

Access via internet advertisement

When you use the advertisement, everything about the bounce rate is up to you.

You can freely do almost everything, but there is no check about the quality of advertising content.

What you have to do on planning advertisement

In order to create the advertisement and landing page, following steps are effective to optimise them.

Aim at strong needs of customers

At first, consider the customer's demand. Following opportunities to have strong demands can be the target.

  • Customers have some problem.
  • Customer desire something, but they can not find it.

The demand must be strong. Therefore we use the internet advertisement which can approach a lot of people.

The strong demands do not occurs to everyone, and any time. But that is OK.

The share percentage of who buy your product is much smaller than of who do not. That is because the people who will buy your commodities have decisive reason.

Therefore you had better concentrate on thinking about the catch phrase, that the niche customers can't help reading the contents and buying your commodities.

Concentrate on matching the needs on the first view

After finding decisive reason why they can't help buying, the points to appeal are fixed.

Next, let's create the landing page correspond to the catch phrase. The most important point of the page is the first view.

The customers have decisive desire, and if they can understand the page's content will satisfy that, the customers start to read the page seriously. Otherwise they will bounce.

Once the customers come to be interested in the page, scroll down the page and continue reading. After that, appealing sales phrase is not necessary.

You have to kindly and honestly  consult customers by the content.

Actually watch the motion of users

After creating the advertisement and the landing page, you'll start the advertisement.

Then you had better check the reaction of customers by 2 steps.

Check the reaction before start reading

At first, confirm that the customers can understand what the content is going to mention, and that's what the customers desire.

If you succeed in that, the customers do not bounce into other site, and start to read.

In addition to check that, the mouse motion capture engine is effective. It can capture the mouse motion, and replay it.

replayed user experience

By using this tool, you can watch the actual motion of the customers. If the customers bounce in 5 seconds, they think this is not what they want, at a glance.

If they do from 5 to 10 seconds, something is different from their demand, but that is near from what they want.

If you failed in making customers start to read, then let's brash up the first view of the landing page patiently.

After succeeded in this process, most of the customers starts reading.

After the customers start reading

After the customers start reading, it come to the consulting sales phase. After this phase, the next goal is the conversion.

Then check what the customers interested in by the heatmap. By using heatmap, we can know where the customers view most.

Generated mouse move heat map

On sales consulting phase, the comprehensiveness is the most important factor. That is because customers have already understood the attractiveness.

The next thing to make them understand is following things.

  • The sales point is real, and worth to trust
  • The commodity is actually most suitable one for them.
  • The price is reasonable and be under the budget.

If they can understand all of them, they will purchase it. Or once go out this page, but come back and buy it.

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