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Count words instead of pages on writing SEO contents

When you start up a new website, the mission is make certain quantity of contents in order to approved by Google. But then you should not use page numbers as the index of the quantity.

Certain quantity of contents are necessary for a new website

When you create a new website with a new domain, you have to post a lot of articles on the website. That is because the search engines approve websites which are only useful.

One of the condition that search engines approve is to have certain quantity of contents.

Then you have to write high quality page contents, not only a lot of information. Recent search engines can understand the quality of the content at certain level.

The high quality contents fulfils following conditions.

  • The content's information is demanded by users
  • The content has affluent information about the topics
  • Necessary additional information can be accessed from the page

If you use low quality content writing outsourcing services, you can not satisfy these quality conditions.

That is the most difficult point on doing content marketing by SEO.

How the goal affects writing contents

What the search engines require for new websites is quantity of information. In actual website, it is relevant with number of pages and number of words.

Finally both are same, but by using them as indicator of the quantity, the psychological difference of the writer is there.

When number of pages is the goal

When the writer uses the number of pages as the indicator, the writer going to create more and more pages. After making a page, the writer will feel satisfied and happy.

Therefore the writer is going to finish the page as possible as he can.

Consequences of that, the page's content become thin. And there are a lot of pages in the website.

This is not good status for SEO, because the necessary information for a demand located in some pages. The search engines pick up pages, not entire website. Therefore it is preferred that a single page contains information for a single demand.

When number of words is the goal

When the writer uses the number of words or characters as the indicator of quantity, he is going to make a page with rich contents.

After writing the first edition of the page, he will think about additional information about the topics. A page content with the main story is chance to add additional contents. Then the writer can add information which the readers will want to know.

And by adding them, the entire number of the words will increase.

Then there are pages with affluent volume, and a little bit fewer pages than pages on increasing number of pages on purpose.

The only thing it seem to be a problem is duplicated contents, but it is not problem. That is because there is no penalty for duplicated contents.

Even if there are duplicated or similar contents, search engines detect the relevance between the other contents in a same page and them.

Therefore assuming the number of words as indicator of the quantity of information is good way.

How to count the words and characters

In this website's Content Management System, we can count the number of words and characters by query with SQL.

The CMS has keywords detector to check the balance of keywords in the entire website. By using the database table, we can check them.

Check the keywords on the website

In order to check the keywords on the entire website, and store them into the database, click the "Keywords Balance" button on the top page of CMS administration console.

Administration button

Then the page to show and manage the keyword balance appears.

Keyword balance manager

Click the "Check Balance" button on the top of main area of the page. Then the progress bar appears and start detecting keywords.

The keywords are extracted from published Html files. And the keyword occurrence data contains the count and located position, which is for example, title, header, body, article, h1, h2, and so on.

After the progress bar finished, the database is updated.

Execute SQL on the web browser

In order to execute SQL on the web browser, click the "Database Management" button on the top of  CMS administration console.

Database Management button

Then following page appears.

Database Management Console

We can manage the database of the CMS in this page.

Next, click the "Open SQL Console" button. Then following pop up window appears.

SQL console

On this console, we can execute SQL and show the result on the window.

In order to execute SQL, write the SQL on the upper text editor area, and click the "Execute" button.

Count total keywords in the pure article body

In order to count the total number of keywords, execute following SQL with the SQL Console.

This SQL counts the words on following locations.

  • article body of the content and blog post
  • h1, h2, h3, h4 tag's text
  • Title of the page

After inputing the SQL, click the "Execute" button. Then the result is shown like below.

Number of word count

Count total characters of the keywords

Next, in order to count the total number of characters, execute following SQL.

This SQL calculate the summation of numbers which are calculated by multiplying keyword occurrence and the length.

We can get the result by same operation with the keywords count.

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