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Create a strategic e-commerce site

SEO is essential for e-commerce site owners. Sophisticated advertisement is effective to the sites, but SEO is more effective, because the chance to catch the customers dramatically increases.

The formation of the e-commerce site

The e-commerce site is a website which has contents about the commodities and shopping cart system to buy them.

Each parts has own role, and they are different. Therefore you have to create e-commerce site whose parts concentrate on the role.

Commodity catalog

The catalog of the commodities are the main contents of e-commerce sites. The customers visit the e-commerce sites after that the site seem to have commodities which they are finding.

On collection customer, it is very important to appeal the varieties of the commodities, when you create a e-commerce site which is not for special commodities.

Otherwise, there are e-commerce sites which is for a few special products. If the product is very attractive and customers desire it, then you can invite customers with it. But the customers want the rich variety of commodities,  you have to make rich catalog contents.

Shopping cart

Shopping cart is essential system to the e-commerce site. This system is almost same in most of these sites.

Recently, the Google and other search engines can understand the ajax, therefore locating it to each page has no problem. But you had better to set meta tag with the "noindex,noffolow" attribute to following page.

  • Confirmation of the orders
  • The page to show currently selected items

And the system had better be located in same domain or sub domain sharing same root domain.

This part has nothing to do with SEO. Therefore you should divide them from the contents evaluated by search engines.

Additional sites to help the e-commerce site

The e-commerce site is attractive to to customers who are going to find commodities in it. But before that, you have to give motivation to these customers, or to collect customers who will be interested in it.

In order to do that, you have to use following sites.

External blog

External blogs are effective way to invite target customers. That is because the blog has a lot of contents to match many point of view. Therefore the queries input into the search engines matches the point, the traffic from search engines is available.

The contents of blog articles should be relevant to the items in the catalog. Additional information about the commodities, trends, and shop clerk's point of view about the products are effective.

External portal site

External portal site is effective way to collect customers who are interested in the commodities. The news sites which introduce the trend is effective.

If the customers who want to know the latest information bookmark, or feed the rss, they frequently watch the website. That is also effective to make bland image of the shop.

External Know-How site

If customers have to learn something in order to use the product, the learning sites and Know-How sites are most effective way to collect highly motivated customers.

The products which requires knowledge to user it are generally difficult to sell. Therefore most of e-commerce site owners uses affiliate system.

By making such sites, you can do same thing with the top affiliate players.

Social media and e-commerce site

Social media is effective tool to keep in touch with customers, who continuously needs latest information.

Twitter with external websites

The Twitter is easy tool, and it is effective both to keep in touch with customers, and to get new customers.

By using has tags, you can spread latest information to many Twitter users. The Twitter's different point from other social media is this point.

In order to keep in touch with customers, I recommend you to also use some other social media.

Brand page of Facebook and Google Plus

To keep in touch with customers lead to making bland of the e-commerce site and the shop.

By sending fresh latest information to the customers, they visit the website if there is information they strongly interested in. Even if they do not visit the website, they view the posts on the social media again and again.

In this process, the more exposure effect occurs. Therefore the social media is strong branding tools.

But in order to use this type of social media, you have to collect customers who want to join the page group of your shop.

The timing when the customers join the group page is when they want to get latest information. Therefore to making external sites in addition to e-commerce site is essential when you use the social media.

Website planning of SEO friendly e-commerce site

When you plan to create a e-commerce site, you have to care following things.

Divide the catalog pages and system page

The search engines crawl and analyse the contents about commodities. Therefore you have to avoid that the system pages are indexed.

The balance of usability and crawler friendly design are required. Therefore you have to prepare shopping cart which is compact and useful.

Recently, there are portable cart system which can be embedded in the web contents. They are suitable for making SEO friendly catalog sites with shopping cart.

The catalog pages are suitable contents for customers who decided what to buy. The target of customers are narrower than external sites, but they have strong will to buy commodities.

Set noindex for almost same product page

When you create pages of product, the contents of some products are almost same.

For example, the T-shirts has following specification.

  • Color
  • Size

If you make pages for each variation, almost same pages are generated. Then you have to use the "noindex" or "canonical" attribute with the meta tag.

If you normally allow to index all of these pages, the search engines assume them as pages with no original contents. And the e-commerce site is depreciated.

Use system which can select the detailed specification on adding cart

One more solution to avoid duplicated pages is to use shopping cart system which supports to specify the detail specification of product on adding item into the cart.

By using this system, you can unify same products with different detail specification in a page.

Create categories deliberately

The category pages in the e-commerce site is very important factor.

If possible, you have to add contents in the page, in addition to the list of commodities.

Each category is for a kind of customers. A demand of customers corresponds to a category page.

Most of customers uses categories in order to find the commodities. Therefore these pages are the target of SEO.

By making category pages as ones which are answer for customers who are finding product, the pages become SEO friendly page.

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