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Create a great learning site for marketing

To teach something to the customer is essential process in consulting sales. By making learning site, you can sell commodities which is difficult to sell, generally speaking.

Process of consulting sales

The commodities which are difficult to sell requires more steps to do that. The commodities easy to sell are comprehensive, therefore by introducing the existence when the customers want them, the sales will be made.

But the difficult commodities require to make opportunities for the customers to need them. Therefore following steps are necessary.

Collect target customers

Collection target customer is the most important phase in selling difficult products. That is because a customer who do not going to buy the product never come to buying it.

That is because the process of buying such type of the product requires the customer's effort. It is not only you to make effort.

Sales site just helps the customer's effort. Therefore you have to find customers who has been already doing effort to do something.

People who is going to learn is the best target to the e-commerce website owners.

Consult why the commodity is necessary

The customers who has strong will to solve the problem or to satisfy themselves makes proactively make effort. And using search engines is a part of the process.

The customers uses search engines when they have no next plan, and planning the next action.

Then, what you have to do before consult customers is to make them aware that this web page has affluent information to solve current problem.

Then the customer come to having motivation to read the next content. This timing is when to start consulting contents.

By the contents, you have to satisfy the customer. If the customer satisfy with that, they will trust your website.

And then, they can find what they concretely want.

Introduce the commodity

After the customer concretely understand what they want, then the last process is to introduce the product which fulfil the necessary specification.

The customer's interest was changed into actual method and product after reading content which consult them. Then if the customer like the product or services, and the price is under the budget, most of them will buy it.

Why learning site is effective to the sales of difficult commodities

The process to learn is almost same with one of consulting sales. In addition to the learning site, by using search engine marketing, you can cover whole process of the sales activities.

The difficult points to sell

The most difficult point of selling the commodities is to collect customers suitable for them. In order to feasible customers, the search engine marketing is very effective.

The product makers frequently uses affiliate program. That is because they can not collect customers by themselves. And bloggers who can write articles which can get a lot of traffic can earn a lot.

That is because the supply of the function to collect customers, who are suitable target for the product, is less than the demand.

Collect customers who have high motivation

By creating learning site, the visitors from the search engines are people who is going to learn about what the website explain.

They are very suitable customers to sell the solution. Both the strong interest and timing to sell are fulfilled.

If a product maker who does not have successful learning site meet it, they will envy you.

Difficulty of creating learning site

The difficult point in creating learning site is that the writer should have exact experience and skill about the learning topics.

When you write a blog, what you have to do is writing about the theme and topics. But when you write on the learning site, you have to recognize the questions, and to answer them.

Therefore you needs experience about the firm. But if you are experienced person, and have experience to teach someone, learning site is suitable for you.

If you can get over the difficulty, you can create attractive website than other blogs which are like diary.

How to make a great learning site

There are some types of websites, which are learning site, blog, corporate site, news portal site, collection of one point topics site, e-commerce site, catalog site, and so on. In these sites.

The learning site is the most SEO effective website type for small business owners. That means one of the most demanded site is the learning site, and the traffic of the site leads to sales.

In order to create great learning site, you have to care following things.

Radically answer for the questions

In order to make the learning site be more SEO friendly, you have to be aware of the question the students have.

New students comes from the search engines with questions. And the search engine's essence is the Question and Answer system.

Suggest what to learn next like a textbook

The textbooks are suitable for learning something step by step. That is because it is serialised contents, and it shows the order to learn.

And the students starts from the first page, and read the pages one after another.

But the learning site is not serialised content. It has a lot of links and it sometimes confuse the students.

Therefore you have to show the location of the page in the whole website. Following tool is effective to show that.

  • Bread list
  • Tree structured web navigation
  • Summary page to show the order to learn

If the student comes to a page from the search engine, and is satisfied with the page content, they'll use them, and start to read other contents, if the student is interested in learning contents, and recognised that's it.

Help shortage of basic knowledge

The students of learning site think they have to learn more about the topic, in order to read general specialized information.

Therefore they are going to learn the basic knowledge.

When you write contents of learning site, you have to use easy expression as possible as you can.

If the content is too difficult to the students, they give up reading. But they can understand most of them, and there are a little things they can't understand, then they attempt to research them.

Then there are proper links to the things they are going to learn, they will appreciate the learning site very much, and going to read other pages like textbook.

The textbooks are read repetitively

The students read the textbook again and again. That is same in the learning site.

Once the student recognize the website is excellent learning site, they visits the website again and again.

That is suitable to build bland image by the more exposure effect.

After making the bland image, students will read what you write on the website, and social media site.

If you can dispatch desired information continuously from the blog and social media, the repeaters of your website increases.

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