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Create an SEO friendly product information site

The product site is a little bit weak at SEO. But we can make it stronger by making effort to adding SEO friendly pages.

Why product sites are not good at SEO

If your product is not famous, the product information site is a little bit not good at SEO. The main reason is that the users do not know the product, and they can not search what they do not know.

Therefore you have to include information which can be queried in the website. Shortage of following factor lead to the weak point of such sites.

Making contents about the product

When you create contents, you'll mainly explain about the product.

Then the product has little differentiation, most of keywords can be general words, which most of people who are searching the type of product.

But if your product has very attractive and original differentiation point, the users can not find it by search engines.

If users find the product, they will be happy and going to by it, but they can not find it.

That is because of the feature of contents in the product information site.

Question, demand, and product

The standard product information site has affluent information about following things.

  • The detail usage of the product
  • Product's specification

These information is solution part, therefore users can not query the keyword used in the part. That is because users don't know the solution.

The question and demands are the SEO friendly parts. But the product information is the website for users who already have interested in it.

Therefore by adding too many information except they want to concentrate on, they will confuse. Therefore when you add those contents, you have to be carefully.

Standard and acknowledged product category

Even if the product is not famous, when following conditions are fulfilled, the website about product information is SEO friendly.

  • The product has standard specification in the firm.
  • And so many competitors are not there.

This case sometimes occurs when you create a website about product for business users, like industrial goods.

In this case, the users are professional specialist, and they search products with product specification.

Product sites are strong at getting backlinks

If you are going to make product information site, I guess you are of product maker or main distributor. Then you have strong methods to get backlinks.

Product catalog sites

There are product catalog sites of your firm. Your product can be listed for free or a few cost, but when you apply for listing, you have to be the maker or main distributor.

The links are not available for every one, and human check is done. Therefore the links are appreciated by search engines, if the catalog site do not do spam actions.

Press release is available

Press release is also strong method to get backlinks. Recently, the backlinks are marked as noffolow links, but if some media sites pick up the news with edited articles, they can be effective natural links.

Advertisement is available

If you have commodity to sell, and you can get profit by selling them, you can use advertisement. The advertisement is expensive, therefore get effective profit is not possible in most of cases, especially in b2c business.

But by advertising and collect customers, there are chance to get links. If the customer really like your product, the person may write blog about the product.

Cover the weak points by contents

The standard product information site is weak at collecting customers from search engines. But by extending the topics on the website, or by using additional website, SEO is possible.

Add topics about the situation relevant to the product

The weak point of the product site is shortage of contents about the issue and the situation when the problems occur.

Therefore by adding them, the product information site can be an SEO friendly site. Then you have to locate the contents where the users can understand that these contents are not product information, and they are additional contents in the appendix area of the website.

There are 2 way to add the appendix contents.

  • Use directory of appendix contents in the website.
  • Use sub domain site

Both way is almost same, but if the appendix contents become large, I recommend to use the sub domain.

After adding the contents, you had better link them each other.

  • In the product information page, set links to the pages about question and demand as introduction of examples of solving problems.
  • From pages of question and demand, links to the product information page as actual method of the solution.

By adding the links, the anchor texts which contains the title are automatically added to the contents. That supports long tail SEO.

Make a satellite site

If you seriously plan to do content marketing, I recommend you to create a satellite site focusing on information needs of your customers.

The satellite site should be a information portal site or a learning site, which is to concentrate on collecting customers, not selling.

By making such site, collecting customers become easier, because you do not have to sell products, just writing articles customers want to know.

But it lead to making sales, that is because if you succeed in content SEO, a lot of target customers for your products visit the site without advertisement fee.

To start up a new website which succeeded in SEO is very hard task, but it has worth to do that. Once you succeeded in SEO, you do not have to write huge contents.

Therefore I recommend you to decide to start content marketing.

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