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CMS and Blog for Content SEO and writing

As the sale copy and learning site is different, the CMS and Blog is also different.

It is important to know the difference. Because by knowing them, you can definitely recognize the target of the content.

And this is also important when you start up a new website. Because the new website has little power, therefore, you have to aim the target you can reach, in order to expand your reach.

Use CMS for Main Content

The main contents are the organized document. When you do content based SEO, you have to do at first is creating this contents.

When you start to thinking about the concept, the MindMap is useful tool. The main contents are the back born of the website, therefore you have to create comprehensive information structure.

Those contents are managed by CMS. The CMS supports tree structure, therefore it is suitable to use with MindMap.

The search engine likes following websites.

The website which fulfils both conditions are few. But the necessity is a lot.

Therefore making such website is good for SEO.

Use Blog for Case Studies

Blog is basically collection of independent articles. It is not suitable for organized document.

It is suitable to write case studies of the main contents. The case study is suitable for the SEO, because search engine users frequently search case studies. And they watch the result page very well, therefore if your page is not ranked in by the 2nd page, there are possibility that they watch later pages.

Actually do Content based SEO

At first, if you create a website with new domain, the website is not strong, therefore you have to get access in order to be appreciated by the search engines and be stronger website.

First approach with case studies

After you created main contents by CMS, you should write blog articles. The blog article have to contain actual experience, because such articles are very suitable for long tail keyword search.

If you can write case studies, it is the best.

Goal of getting long tail access

The goal of getting access from long tail keywords is to make your website strong. And the main contents come to rank in, your website's access will increases rapidly.

In order to do that, you have to do following things.

Therefore, do not forget to set link to the relevant pages of main content.

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