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Discover what customers really want

To know what customers want to know is essential in content marketing with SEO. The real demand is abstract and it is deeply relevant with the goal.

Abstract the current demand of customers

The "What the customer who by a drill want is hole." is famous phrase. That means the goal of the customer is to make a hole, and the method is to use the drill.

Therefore if the customers can make a hole comfortably, they can buy other tools.

Why abstracting the demand is effective

By abstracting current demand of customers, we can do following.

  • Know the true demand and goal of customers
  • Find other methods and tools for the goal
  • By comparing the methods and tools, we can find the point to appeal

Especially to know the goal is very important. By knowing that, we can know the strength of the demand, and how to consult customers with the contents.

The possibility of wrong demand

Sometimes, customers are finding a tool or services which are not suitable for them. Or best solution instead of it exists.

These cases occur because the customers do not know that there are other better solutions.

But they absolutely recognize the goal, and if they find better alternatives, they will emotionally respond to them.

Therefore the consulting sales is to teach the better solution to the customers. And if you find such customers, they are your good target to sell the solution.

This sales method is effective to B2B service, DIY tools, software, and so on. It is suitable for complex products and services, which are,  generally speaking, difficult to sell.

Research the synergy

In addition to knowing the true demand, the synergy of the demand can be found.

By knowing the synergy, you can define the one stop solution, which can also satisfy all of the demand for the goal of customers.

If there are no comfortable all in one solutions, customers starts to find partial services and assemble them to the entire solution by themselves.

If you can suggest the entire solution when they finding the partial solutions, the customers will be attracted by the solution.

Example of abstract demand who want to create a website

Frankly speaking, I'm owner of this website, and my goal is to make my Content Management System popular. And I thought the strategy to do that before creating this website.

Targeting who is going to learn SEO

Most of the readers of this website has own website, which is for their marketing to sell something..

Goal of readers of this site

The website is one of the method for internet marketing, therefore they needs method to collect customers.

We can say following things.

  • The goal of creating website is to sell products of services by internet marketing.
  • People who is going to create a website is interested in at least one of SEO, Social Media, and Advertisement.
  • People who is going to create a website does not interested in analog marketing methods, because it is alternative of internet marketing and they think internet marketing is more efficient than it.
  • People who is interested in SEO also interested in creating a website, and maybe interested in Social Media and Advertisement.

Targeting who is going to learn copywriting

The SEO is very popular topics. There are many strong competitors. Therefore I need smaller niche market to do step by step marketing.

And this website has topics about copywriting. It is necessary to sell products or services in both the internet and analog marketing.

Copywriting and selling

Therefore following thing can be said.

  • The goal of learning copywriting is to sell products of services.
  • People who is interested in copywriting also interested in internet marketing or analog marketing.
  • People who is interested in copywriting may also has interest in SEO, Social Media, and advertisement.

As total solution of internet marketing

The relevance between copywriting and SEO is weaker than between website and SEO. But the creating website is not a factor for differentiation, and the copywriting is strong factor for that.

That means following things.

  • The topics about copywriting is niche which attracts customers strongly than website creation topics.
  • The readers who is interested in copywriting needs powerful methods to sell.
  • Both information about copywriting and website creation are in a website, the combination is differentiated point.

The combination is very important. Like the long tail keywords consists of big word and small words.

We can do long tail marketing by the combination of demands.

Content marketing with SEO and real desire of customers

By knowing genuine desire of the customers, you can create website and contents, because you can write a lot of contents for niche desire.

The keywords customers uses on query are naturally included in the contents, and the click through rate on the search result page will be higher than other competitors.

Long tail keywords are naturally generated by synergy of demands

The contents respond to the whole demand, which consists of multiple demands, naturally include long tail keywords.

In addition to that, the competitors who create websites covering the synergy are few, your web pages are ranked at the first page.

Even if website owners aim at niche long tail keywords, unless the contents are relevant to the demand, the page can not be ranked at the first or second page.

Therefore to understand the demand in order to organize website themes is essential for long tail SEO.

The synergy of demands is effective to internal link building

The internal links which has relevance of demand is appreciated highly in SEO. The quality of links is essential factor to be appreciated by search engines.

Search engines likes websites which are written by specialists. By evaluating the total links, they evaluates the quality of the website's domain. The websites which do not have effective links are not appreciated.

If the domain is not approved, traffic from even long tail keywords is not available. Therefore the score of the domain is essential factor.

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