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Do not add pages without new information

To add contents is effective to SEO, but simply adding web pages is not effective. That is because the recent search engines can understand the quantity of the information, and ignore the pages which do not have few information.

The search engines the quality of website by quantity of information

The recent search engines come to being able to understand the natural sentences more than before. They can understand the duplicated semantics, and original semantics.

Automatically generated contents

Most of automatically generated contents are detected by the search engines. I wrote Be not afraid of big competitors on keywords research, then I wrote that "The Google do not shows all pages in site command".

There are many websites which has thousands of pages, but actually recognised as the target of search result is less than 400 pages in most of cases.

That means that, the Google eliminate the pages which has original information than the other pages.

I think you had better reduce the number of pages with only automatically generated contents, and set noindex to the page.

User-Generated Contents (UGC)

User-Generated Contents are exactly a part of web contents. Then the quality is up to that the web owner manage the contents or not.

I think the comment of the blog article does not give harm to the website, that is because each page has original contents, even if the comments are not managed.

But if the page completely consists of UGC, it will not be appreciated when the contents are not managed.

Data sheets

Disclosing the data with data sheets is effective way to increase quantity of contents.

But you should add additional value to the data. By simply disclosing the data, it is assumed contents without value. Therefore when you add data, you should add some opinion or analysis which has intelligence.

When the information quantity increases

The search engines analyses the content, then they count the quantity of information. In following cases, they detect the quantity is added.

Use a new keyword

When a new keyword is added, then the quantity of information is added. This is basic and exact vase.

Therefore you have to include certain numbers of unique keywords, to cover the wide demands of readers.

When you feel out of topics to write, you consider to write about additional keywords, then they increases naturally.

New combination of keywords

The number of keywords is width of the semantics, and the number of combinations is the depth.

The keywords, which are mentioned a lot of times and have many combinations with other keywords in the website, are strong keywords for the website.

Therefore you have to create a lot of combination of target keywords. Then the keyword's strength in SEO increases.

Relevance chain of the keywords semantic

As I wrote in How to evaluate content originality in SEO writing, the sentence including the keywords have to make sense.

The search engines checks the semantics make sense or not by comparing the theme and co-occurring cases of the keywords.

If you write natural sentences, and humans can understand them, there are no problem. This algorithm is against the content spam, which is called words salad.

If search engines can not take measures for this spam, the search result pages become a collection of meaningless pages with many text including target and co-occurring keywords.

Recently, the significance of the links decreases, but such phenomena does not occur. Therefore I thing the search engines has methods to exterminate words salad spam.

How to write a new page effective to SEO

Increasing the volume of total volume is effective way to do SEO. At first, it is very easy. That is because the start-up website has little contents, therefore by adding new pages, that simply contribute to increase the information quantity.

But the number of pages increases about more than 100, that become harder.

Therefore you have to contrive writing so that the quantity of contents lead to the website's value.

One page one demand or question

To focus on a questions when you write an article is effective way to avoid duplicated semantics.

By preparing different questions, and write articles for each question, you can add semantic information every after you write a new article.

Expand the semantic information by user's point of view

To make effort in order to increase the keywords in a website is important. By adding a new keyword, the quantity of semantic information exactly increases, and the opportunities to make more quantity by the combination of the keywords.

When you plan to add new keywords, you should focus on the user's point of view. By adding this way, you can add keywords which is used on search queries frequently.

The strength of the website is calculated for each keyword, therefore you have to choose effective keywords.

Write deeply about target keywords

Write about many topics for the target keywords is essential. Even if the website has a lot of information, the keywords, which the web page should listed on the top rank, are weak, the website can not get traffic via search engines.

In order to increase the strength of target keywords, add the questions about them. And answer them by writing articles.

Link to the abstract page

Each keyword has the best page to mention about it. The best page for the niche keyword can be the article which mentions the question mainly about the keyword.

But the best page of the middle or big word is not it. The big words has abstract meaning, therefore it covers wide small keywords.

Then you should create category pages for big keywords, and set links from the pages about niche keywords.

This task increases the usability of the website.

Do not create low value pages

If you found a topic to write, but it has too small information to write a new article. Then you should add the topic to the old page which is most relevant to it.

Then the additional information is evaluated, and the old page's value increases. But if you add a new article with thin content, the search engines ignore that.

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