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What you have to do after writing blog article

When you are creating web contents, technical facts in SEO are important. But writing useful pages fore readers is more important.

Duplicated contents is one of SEO facts

On of the big topics about search engine optimization is duplicated contents. But I think we do not have to be afraid that if you do not do especially spam things.

What is duplicated contents

There are mainly 2 types of duplicated contents. They are

  • Copied sentence or phrase
  • Articles mention about almost same theme

The copied contents and sentence is mainly generated by the CMS and Blog system which maintain web contents.

And duplicated theme occurs when you write about same thing with same point of view.

For example, I'm sometimes write about the status of this website. The difference between the pages will be the time of the data, if the status of my website is almost same.

Therefore duplicated contents are there naturally in our websites.

Most of penalty's cause is other than duplicated contents

In order to detect the duplicated contents, the search engines have to analyse the page content. Therefore, the penalty will occurs after the content is deeply analysed.

But the most of reason why the website does not appreciated by the search engines are that the web contents are not analysed well by them. Therefore before suspecting penalties caused by duplicated contents, you have to check other facts.

For example following things are effective to check the analysis status.

  • Checking internal links of the webmaster tools(WMT)
  • Checking structured data is detected on the WMT
  • The site command with your website's url shows most of pages by checking pages of the result
  • Check the result of site command with time range

Especially checking with site command with time range is useful.

Site command with time range

The google check the history of the pages, which they think the pages are important. Therefore, if most of your site's pages are shown by this query, it analyse the pages correctly.

But if few pages are shown, and important pages are not included in the result, you have to change the link structure of the website, before suspecting penalty caused by duplicated contents.

Search Engines know necessity of duplicated contents

The search engines know about the website's contents very well. They also know there are naturally a lot of duplicated contents are there.

Therefore, you do not have to be afraid.

How to write contents

When you do content marketing, you have to write a lot of contents. Then you have to manage the contents and entire website's quality.

In order to avoid duplicated contents penalty , and avoid to be evaluated low by search engines, following strategy is useful.

Partial rewrite has no problem

When the page has original parts, and combination of the content parts is original, you do not have to be afraid of duplicated contents penalty.

Most important point is necessity of the content

The most important thing is that the content is necessary for readers. If the content is necessary, the duplicated content is not evaluated low.

For example, if your website has pages to show statistic data periodically, it is necessary for readers. Following pages are to be almost same theme and almost same contents to the search engines. But that is natural.

  • Software version up notice
  • Ranking status of the website
  • Weather of the day
  • Share of the software

These contents dos not cause penalty. But you have to include date of the data. That is because the data is essential fact for the content.

Link similar pages each other

One more important thing is internal links. You have to link similar pages, because the readers want to read other similar page, if the contents are natural and important.

You have to make summary page and set links to the similar pages, then the website become useful and high quality.

If you do not set links to the pages and it is hard to find other similar pages, the search engines may evaluate your website as messed website.

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