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How much strength the website has, when no internal external links

Yesterday, I've opened my website. Therefore the internal links and external links are not detected. It is good chance to check how much strength the website, which is only content, has.

There are neither internal and external links

It is just after 24 hours from I opened the website with new domain. The all pages are indexed, but the internal and external links are not detected.

By the site command of the google, all of the pages are shown. By specifying the date, it is same result.

The web master tools' sitemap page is like below.

webmaster tools sitemap page

No page is indexed. Therefore, I guess the index is not completely created, just the text is indexed.

Check ranking with site command

I'm interested in how the very weak website can collect the access. This website is too weak, because opened yesterday, site structure is not detected, and no links.

But by knowing it, I think I can estimate how other metrics affects to the ranking. Especially, I'm interested in getting access by long tail keywords.

By top page's title

Searching by the top page title, then my site is the first.

SERP of google

It is course of matter, on ordinary  case. But my site is very weak, therefore I surprised.

Reduce the keywords step by step

After that, I reducing the words and checked the result.

From this result, my site can rank in by combination of 5 keywords. It is too weak.

I'm going to check it after the status of the website changes. If something changes, I'll report on this blog.

After 2 month, it get a little bit better than this time.

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