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Contents need exit in order to get natural links

Getting natural links is essential to bring up your website. Then the contents should have exit.

The conditions for contents to get natural links

The natural links are very good signals to show the appreciation of humans. The search engines appreciate them highly.

Te website which can get natural links can continuously get natural links. This signal is the best one.

Completely satisfy readers

The websites which can get natural links has exit. The exit means completely satisfy the reader's demand.

It is very important to think what the readers going to do after searching the website and finding the answer.

If readers can do something they wanted to do after reading the website, readers will be satisfied with the website, and remember the website.

Satisfy with whole website or one page

There are many type of demands, but the demands are classified into following ones.

  • Learning some skill
  • Learning something like recipe
  • Just wanted to know something
  • Download data or software

These are classified by the quantity of information that the readers want. If the information is small, readers prefer a single page which has a lot of necessary information. Otherwise the information is big, then readers prefer website which has a lot of arranged page contents.

Learning some skill

When the readers want to learn something, they will search website like text book. Therefore they prefer website which has a lot of information.

Learning something like recipe

Readers search a single page, which is like good recipe memo.

Just wanted to know something

Readers search website like news paper. The website should be managed and updated frequently, and have to have a lot of fresh information.

Continuously acquire links

Once the mechanism to acquire natural links by contents, it automatically continues.

To getting natural links continuously is almost impossible to the SEO companies whose main job is providing external inbound links.

Example of websites which can get natural links

Actually there are websites which can get natural links. Let's think which case is near from your website.

Knowledge to do something

For example, the cooking recipes site, DIY site, the site which mentions how to bring up something, and so on.

They provides good pages which include affluent information for the page's demand. After reading the recipes, readers can actually execute the knowledge.

Download software

Software download sites has definitely purpose, to download demanded software.

The website visitors will satisfy if there is the software they wanted, and not satisfied if there isn't.

Managed latest information about something

The news sites are in this category. The big news can definitely be these sites.

But the blog sites, which are managed updated, and has latest and written by specialists, are also this type of websites.

The information in the website can be focused on specified topics. The readers who are interested in the topics will satisfied by reading latest information frequently.

Learning contents

This website is a kind of learning site.

The learning site has a lot of information, and readers think they have to learn a lot of thing step by step. Readers who want to learn a new skill prefer the step by step progress.

Therefore the learning site have to give the order to read the contents. The blog site is the collection of the knowledge, but it arrange the knowledge only by tag.

Therefore you have to create a documentation site when you create a learning site.

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