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How ranking status affects the traffic

The traffic from search engines is up to the ranking. How the status of pages and domain affects it ?

In this page, consider the status of ranking and how it affect to the growing website.

Evaluation of the website

The search engines evaluate websites and score them. They has score for following factors.

  • Page status
  • Domain reputation

You have to care for these 2 factors on checking the ranking for keywords.

Page status

The page status is basic evaluation. The search engines basically chooses pages for query, not for domain. Therefore each page have to be appreciated in order to rank in at first.

When the page's value is up, some of the keyword's raking up.

Page's rank up

And the page for keyword changes.

Domain reputation

The targets of ranking are basically pages, but in order to reduce calculation cost, search engines evaluates domains and use it on selecting pages to show on the result of queries.

By adding high quality contents, the domain reputation rises.

domain reputation grows up

When the reputation rises, all of the keywords' rank goes up.

How the traffic increases

When you bring up your website, I guess you watch the keywords' ranking instead of traffic. That is because before the domain reputation grows up to certain level, almost no traffic comes from search engines.

When a page is appreciated

At first, the pages itself is appreciated. Then the page is indexed, and it is listed on search result by main keywords of the page.

It looks easy to listed by the main words, but actually it is hard to new domain sites. The main keywords in the top page is detected soon. But ones of not main pages, and detail pages are not detected.

When you start a new site with more than 30 pages, most of the page is not target of ranking at first. Therefore the top page is shown instead of it or the page does not exists in the search result at all.

The search engines has budget of pages to analyse, and it is up to domain's reputation. As the reputation rises, old pages come to be shown in the result.

Therefore at first, you have to do is to write pages with rich contents, and do not add thin pages.

When entire domain's reputation is up

By adding rich contents, the domain reputation rises. Then following changes occurs.

  • Crawl speed increases
  • The page is indexed rapidly
  • Pages in the lower hierarchy appears on search result
  • The number of pages listed in site command with time rage increases

The most important changes is that the search engines come to analyse more contents than before. Even if you write a lot of excellent contents, if search engines do not analyse it, it do not make sense.

But actually we have to do at first on starting website is grow up the domain.

According to my experience, it needs for 3 months. I guess that is because the speed of analysing page is so slow at first that it wastes such a long term.

A new domain site can not get traffic from search engines

A new domain site has very low domain reputation. Therefore it is impossible to be ranked in even if the target keywords are long tail keywords.

At first, you have to do is rise the domain reputation.

In order to do that, you have to add a lot of high quality contents, not links. Recently, links to low domain reputation site seem to be disabled.

I guess that is because search engines do heavy calculation after selecting pages and domains to do that.

The first 3 months is to create base contents

I think the first 3 months is period to create base contents. The 3 months can be shorter if you make pre-start pages before you officially starts your website.

According to my experience, by doing that, it shorten the term 1 month. But it can not shorten more.

And on this term, almost no traffic comes from search engines. But you have to write rich contents. It is very hard time. I think the goal of pages are around 100 pages with more than 3000 characters in a page.

But by graduating from this period, you come to be able to get traffic by long tail keywords queries.

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