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How to increase Click Through Rate

The Click Through Rate on the search result page is one of the most important factor in ranking. Therefore you have to consider the click through rate when you write each article.

Click Through Rate (CTR) is one of the important ranking factor

The CTR is one of the most important ranking factor in SEO. One of the big difference between successful websites and not successful ones is this factor.

Therefore you have consider that on writing contents.

When the ranking is low, CTR becomes low

When your website's age is young, that means before 4 months old, the ranking position is still low. The pages are shown after 2 pages.

Then you do not have to compare that with one of top rated websites, that is because the CTR of low position is much lower than one of the page listed on the upper half of the first page.

By getting 1st to 3rd position, you can get 10 to 20% of CTR, but less then 3rd pages it is under 3%.

But if you can get higher CTR at low position, your page is demanded by searchers. In addition to good contents, by getting good CTR, your rank will be up.

Detection of correct theme of page is necessary

If the search engine is on the way of detecting theme of the page, the page is not shown as result of correct queries. Then the CTR become almost 0%.

If you write correct content, the time will solve that. Therefore when you start website and so long term does not passed, it is normal that you can not get good CTR.

How to increase the click through rate

In order to increase the CTR, you have to check the appearance of result.

The most important factor is title

The title is the most important factor in CTR. Most of searchers view all of the title, and if the title is suitable for the demand of users, they watch the description, or click the page without reading it.

The searchers have something to looking for. Therefore following titles can be clicked.

  • The title is question or problem which is almost same with searchers have
  • The title seem to be the answer the searcher is looking for

The question typed title is best way to increase the CTR. That is because the searchers know very well about their question, but they do not know the answer.

Or if the title contains keywords representing the question, searchers can be aware that the page might includes answer.

In addition to matching the title to the question, by adding information that the pages contains many answers, the CTR increases more.

For example

  • 10 things to do something
  • 20 sites you have to read to do something

This method is effective when there are a lot of competitors with similar titles.

Description is important next to the title

Sometimes the description was read, after reading the title. When there are a lot of similar titles, and searcher could not find suitable answer for them, they read them seriously.

Therefore the title is the most important much more than description. But the description supports it.

The search engines sometimes create the description instead of one written in the meta tag. Then they pick phrase next to the header, which are h1, h2, h3 and so on.

The titles are also sometimes changed with the description. Therefore by writing contents suitable for the question of searchers, the proper description is created automatically.

Use named anchor

By using named anchors in the pages, search engines detect it and show it like below.

Hilighted anchor

This is very effective eye catch. In this example, the title is also overwritten.

Using the named anchor with header tags can make search engines to detect the section in the page definitely. If you write long page, that is essential, because one page contains multiple topics, and sometimes one no them is demanded.

If you split the long page into some pages, you can set titles for each page. But the search engines likes rich contents and dislike thin contents.

Then this method is very useful.

Write body content with correct format

The named anchor is one of the example. In order to get effective appearance on the search result, we have to use correct format.

The format is like below.

  • Set title and description
  • Use h1, h2, and h3 tags
  • Use "p" tag

Most of these are sloved by WYSIWYG editor on the CMS.

In addition to that, you have to consider the text of h1, h2 tag. These are shown as the link to the position on the description.

The link is highlighted, therefore most of the users watch it like the title. If the text is similar to the question, or suitable to it, the user will click the page.

Get repeat access

In actual use of search engines, users open some pages in the result. After reading them, they often last pages which has suitable contents for their question.

The quality of contents is important to get repeat access. And this signal is the proof of contents quality.

If the users like your content, then they will remember your site. Then the possibility to click your site's page in other queries increases.

Therefore you had better contrive the website so that readers remember your website's existence.

For example, following things are effective.

  • Create a outstanding logo image
  • Create original template design
  • Put photo of the writer and SNS links
  • Write unique idea

Branded website is also important to get high CTR. The web design and unique idea lead to branding your site.

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