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How to research to estimate difficulty of SEO

When you planning a new website, you have to estimate the difficulty of SEO for the theme. In addition to that, you have to consider how to do effective SEO.

Research competitor's status and effective method in SEO

When you start a new website, what you want most is how much value the website is required to get traffic from search engines.

The website's value is calculated by following factors.

  • Quantity of contents
  • Quantity of back links

How many pages you have to write, and how many links are required, are the most interested topics for new website planners. If the keywords and theme are too difficult in ranking on the second pages, you have to consider another way.

But in most of cases, you do not have to do that. Because variety of long tail keywords are huge, and by writing detailed topics, you can get traffic from them.

If you doubt or worry about that, check the long tail keywords which are actually used, you'll be able to find other competitors which are not so strong in SEO.

How to check effective way in SEO

And you'll want to create a SEO friendly website. And some people sticks on effective internal SEO, and edit the Html code again and again.

But this is very dangerous thing, that is because the Google is watching the history of website, and over optimised sites will get penalty.

The ranking is calculated by about 200 factors, therefore it is very effective way to change a single factor and watch the difference, if the search engines do not give penalty to these actions.

But actually they gives it. Therefore you can't do that, and most effective way to check that is watching competitor's site, or checking similar sites.

By adding proper amount of contents in the website, and manage it properly, I think your website's domain value increases and you can get traffic form search engines by long tail keywords queries.

Therefore, at first, you have to do is to write contents which answers to searcher's questions.

But if you do not have self confidence to succeed in firts step of SEO, you I guess you can not concentrate on writing. Then you have to check  SEO status of successful competitors which are like next step of you.

Check content status

Recently, search engines are improved so that their ability to evaluate content value dramatically. Therefore the most important factor is content quantity and qualities.

Checking content value for long tail keywords

If a website has huge contents, but the theme of these contents do not have speciality, the website is not appreciated high. Because the score of the website is evaluated for each theme.

If the website is concentrate on a theme, search engines appreciate it high about the theme, and long tail keywords relevant to the theme appears on the search result.

Therefore, when you research the content strength, you have to check the number and quantity of contents relevant to the theme.

How many pages are there and recognized by search engines

At first, you have to check the number of pages by site command. The site command shows the number of pages after you input the query.

Site command result

But it is not accurate number. You have to turn over the pages and check the number of result actually shown on the SERP.

For example, there are many websites the number shown at first is more than 1,000, but actually shown result is about 300 to 400. Most of the websites result number is less than 400.

Then I recommend you to set the number of result showns in a page into 100. Because most of competitors has more than 100 pages.

After that, use site command with time range. By searching with this option, the pages whose history is manages are shown.

In order to do that, click the "Search tools" and select "Any time" combo box, and select "Custom range..".

Time range

Then following dialog box appears.

Set time range to search

In this dialog, input nothing and click "Go" button. The default time range value is before current time. All of the pages are target of search.

By this command, you can research number of approved pages. If the number is much less than the value without time range (default query), the website content is not appreciated high.

When you actually research the number of pages, most of websites which are ranked on the result of long tail keywords has almost same values.

And the number of pages are different, some websites have more than 400 pages, but there are websites which has only 60 to 80 pages.

That is because the search engines do not evaluate the number of pages, they are evaluating quantity of information. Therefore, if each page has has much information, the total number of pages can be small.

How many words or characters in a page

Roughly speaking, the quantity of information is in proportion to the number of words or characters.

If the website is correctly appreciated by google, that is almost true. That is because the google do not appreciate rate of duplicated contents is high and has little original contents.

Check the number of words or characters about some of the pages, then you can estimate average number of them. After that, multiply the page number and the average number.

Then you can estimate the quantity of contents you have to write, in order to get traffic by long tail keywords queries.

This research aims at long tail keyword based SEO. That is because such traffic is available if the domain value is enough. In order to increase it of new websites, adding text contents is the most effective and certain way.

Check age of the website

In addition to the content quantity, passed period after the website was created is important for new sites.

You can check it by the site command with time range. By checking the top page, or sort by date to find oldest page.

If there are new websites on the top page of SERP, the keywords are easy to aim at.

But on most of cases, websites which is younger than 3 months do not appears on the result. That is because the new domain can not be appreciated in 3 to 4 months.

Check links status

Recently, the link's priority decreases. But natural links after the domain is appreciated, is effective to SEO.

Therefore you have to check the link status of competitors which seems to be reached by new website.

Sufficient condition and correlation are different

The inbound links are necessary in SEO or not is big topic in SEO firm. And there are a lot of discussion in the internet forum and media.

But in order to determine how many links are necessary for your theme, what you have to do is find a website, which is ranked in keywords you want to rank, and it has least number of inbound links.

The sufficient condition and correlation seem similar, but they are different. About the number of inbound links, following thing are correct.

  • A website which is ranked in first page has many inbound links
  • By ranked in first page, the website can get many links

If a website ranked in with other methods but inbound links, it can collect many links after that. Therefore the correlation is not the fact to prove causality.

If you find a website with least number of links, it is the sufficient number. But it is not necessary number, there is possibility that it can be less than that.

By checking the number of links following tools are useful. Both tools can show the graph of inbound links and root domains with time series.

Using opensiteexplorer

Opensiteexplorer is useful tool to check the back links. In addition to the link status, it has function to show Domain Authority and Page Authority.

This tool provides information about SEO status, which is analysed by Moz.

This tool seem to ignore the nofollow links, and it shows representative back links and domains.


The ahref is tool focus on the link detection. This tool can show both normal links and the nofollow links.

In actual SEO, the nofollow links affects. Therefore this tool provide more accurate data.

By checking noffolow links, we can check actions on the Social Networking Sites.

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