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How to select hash tags for Twitter

Hash Tags are powerful function of Twitter. By using them, you can spread your tweet widely in the Twitter community. 

How to select effective hash tags

In order to use hash tag effectively, we have to understand the situation that twitter users watch tag's time line. They read what they want but ignore messages which are not what they are looking for right now.

Think who are watching the Hash Tag

The most important point is to know the tag watchers. The Twitter is easy and every one can use it. But every one is not always know most effective way to use it.

Therefore, tag watcher's skill is assumed to be higher than normal Twitter users.

And if they their question or problem is clear, they use search engines, not Twitter. What they want to know are new things, or what they can not find.

Tweet what they want to know

In order to use Twitter's has tag, you have to throw following messages to the hash tags's time line.

  • A New thing
  • Messages including point of view what watchers can not find by theirselves
  • High level topics

Twitter's users are not satisfied with search engines search result, and finding new information which can be found by Twitter's hash tag.

Therefore, if you put a message which can be easily found by search engine, no one will be interested in it.

Testing by tweeting is effective way

The hash tag watcher's demand is sometimes abstract and vague, therefore it is good way to do test tweet.

If you tweet a suitable message for the tag, soon favorite  signals are given to the tweet. And if not suitable, the message is ignored.

Actually find Hash Tags

Finding hash tags which are suitable for you is very important. Suitable messages are preferred by most of tag watchers, but it is not suitable, they are ignored.

There are no excellent tweet, being suitable for the situation or not is only point to evaluate the quality of tweet. That is because the tweet is so short that it can not include all of the detail information.

Find Twitter Has Tags

In order to find hash tags, is one of useful hash tag search engine. It shows the tag and relevant hash tags.

Find twitter hash tags

This function shows co-occurring hash tags, which are used frequently. When we find them, we have to find ones with certain usage volume.

By using this function we can find them efficiently.

Check how the tags are used

After find some candidates, we have to consider the usage of them. Then we have to research following things.

  • How many posts are there in the hash tags
  • What is the preferred topic to the tag's watcher

On researching posting volume, following website is useful.

By watching the graph shows number of posts, we can estimate the volume of watchers.

volume estimation

And finally, we have to watch the actual board of the tag, in order to check which tweets are favorited frequently.

Our goal to tweet with the hash tag is to tweet Top Tweets. When the tweet is favored by some persons, it can be on the Top Tweets. Then the expiration of the tweet become longer than other ones.

According to my experience, tweets with more than 5 favorites tend to be the top tweet.

Bring up your account with the Top Tweet

If you can continuously tweets the Top Tweet, following things happen.

  • Followers increase
  • You are introduced on the twitter's email which suggests who to follow next
  • Account's value ranks up, and tweeting Top Tweet become easiar

By bringing up your twitter account, twitter become more and more useful.

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