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How to select a good SEO company

Finding good SEO consulting company is very difficult. That is sometimes more difficult than doing SEO. But by defining what you require to them clearly, it become easier.

Types of SEO companies

There are several types of SEO service providers. Old SEO service provider's style is just selling links from distributed domains. But after the Google started giving penalty to unnatural inbound links as Penguin update, and evaluating contents more seriously, the fashion of the service dramatically changed.

The keyword "Content Marketing" become popular and selling links become lame.

I think the power of links are not disabled, but before making attractive contents, they does not affect ranking. Recently the balance of links and contents is essential to do SEO. Therefore the difficulty of SEO is now increases for technical SEO players.

Inbound links providers

Only getting inbound links from distributed domain with distributed IP is not effective now. That is because the checking algorithm was improved dramatically, most of search engines can determine whether it is natural or unnatural.

The worst use of such companies is to buy paid links with thin contents on the website. In most of cases, it causes penalty or filter.

Sometimes these paid links affect well, but it is luckey case. The website has rich contents and the relevance between the linked page and linking one is high, on happen.

But I think it is rare case. That is because we can't specify the website and page where the SEO company set links. And possibility that the company has websites with pages completely relevant to the website is low.

SEO consulting

SEO consulting companies provide service to teach what to do in SEO to website owners. They sometimes also provides inbound links, that is because by doing that, they can get fee by providing links.

But there are companies which do not do that. They provides internal SEO teaching service and penalty recovery service.

They do not write contents, the contents must be written by the customers.

Content marketing based SEO consulting

Content marketing consulting companies are mainly broken into 2 types.

  • Companies which teach how to write good sales copies which are friendly with SEO
  • Write articles instead of their customers

The SEO is one of method to collection customers, they can also do consulting about advertisement.

Therefore pure SEO technical skill of them is generally not stronger than SEO consulting companies.

But rarely there are companies which have high skill of both SEO and content marketing.

This kind of companies are suitable to small business owner who want have websites with many traffic from search engines.

Role of SEO service company and customer in Content SEO

The customers and SEO marketing companies has each skill to cover. The most important thing in SEO is balance of skill which the team has.

Do own task what each player can do

The customer and SEO marketing company have to recognize what they do definitely.


Customers has knowledge about own products and service. Customers have to tell following thing to SEO marketing companies.

  • The feature of products and services
  • Strong point of them
  • The difference between the own product or services and others
  • Who want them
  • How they search them, if they have strong demand about the needs

The most factors which are necessary to succeed in SEO are up to the customer side.

SEO marketing companies

SEO marketing companies are good at making SEO friendly website and contents. In addition to that, content marketing companies knows how to write effective sales copies and how to spread them.

But they do not have knowledge about customer's product. Therefore, the customer have to transfer the knowledge about the product's marketing.

Recently, there are some companies which focus on specified firms. But the product's marketing is very deep knowledge, so the customer have to teach that to the marketing company.

If the marketing company knows about the firm, they can rapidly understand the differences between customer's product and other ones, and who is searching it.

Customer's role and task

Actual customers task some is following things.

  • Tell the marketing strategy of the product or service to SEO companies
  • Write draft articles

If you only want technical SEO service, to tell the marketing strategy is not necessary.

But I think who read this page want to have a website which collects a lot of customers automatically. Then the feature of target users is very important.

In order to do that, you have to know about behavior of customers. In most of cases, customer do not have idea to search what they want directly.

Therefore the customer have to create a website about topics your customers will be interested in and website which can be searched by them.

The first meeting with the content marketing based SEO comapies starts with discussion about what kind of webistes, your customers watch frequently.

This discussion is very important, almost everything is up to this. The customer and SEO company have to choose effective themes for the new website.

SEO company's role and task

Task of technical SEO companies is just to edit html, and reorganize pages and links.

But content based SEO marketing companies gives advices about feasibility of the website. The website's theme and the contents customers wrote are decisive factor in content SEO.

Therefore they do following tasks.

  1. Hold discussion about the website's theme and strategy
  2. Check the theme structure of the website
  3. Edit and give advice about the article their customer wrote
  4. Advise how to spread the article by social media, or they actually do that

Some of the companies writes articles instead of customers. But I think the customer had better write articles at first, because it is very hard to SEO companies to understand deeply about the behavior of customers to collect.

In most of cases, the website owner (SEO company's customer) knows much about their customer. By reading some articles the owners wrote, SEO company can understand about that.

Before ordering the service

If you can't find SEO companies soon, I recommend you to make the first website by yourself, for about 3 to 4 months.

The website which collects a lot of customer everyday is a great property to small business owners. Therefore they had better not be afraid of failure and try it.

Even if you failed, you can get skill to select SEO companies more accurately, and the contents you made will be useful in transfer what you want to do to SEO companies.

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