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How to invite twitter users to your website

Twitter is useful SNS, but in order to actually invite users, we have to contrive the tweet and copywriting.

Actually inviting users from twitter is difficult

Getting favorite markers on the twitter needs to contrive the tweet, but inviting users to your website needs one more contriving.

When you use the twitter, you have do correct copywriting for the watcher of the hash tags, in order to catch the users by the tweet at first, and you have to attract the users in order to make them acknowledge your existence, next.

After that, users are interested in your continuous tweet and access your website.

The reason why users do not visit website

To know the reason why the users do not visit the website liked from the tweet is important. After knowing that, by solving each problems, you can invite users to your web page.

The tweet already has enough information

The tweet has enough information about what the user want to know right now, then the user add to the favorite and do not visit the linked web page.

This case frequently happens on the Twitter, and this is the usual case. That is because the Twitter is such a tool.

The big merit of the Twitter is that users can view a lot of summary of the websites. Therefore if the users trusts the writer, they will trust what they wrote and do not attempt to confirm the proof by reading website. But they are satisfied.

But if the tweet is very impressive or shocking, and they has reason to confirm that is true or not, they will visit the website, and investigate about the writer.

Generally speaking, internet users do not visit the website without definite reason, that is also true on the Twitter.

Not interested in the writer

When the user access the website of the twitter account, the user acknowledge the writer and interested in the topics of the website.

On the twitter, there are huge tweets in it, and users read them very rapidly. Therefore the visited sites are special ones for each users.

Users do not know you

If the user do not know you, he also doesn't know what the topics of the website is, and how attractive the contents are.

The users visit the website because they guess the website has more information about what they want to know right now.

Image when you use the Twitter with the hash tags, it is the special time when you access the additional web page, you do not click most of the links. But when a famous person tweet about the topic you are interested in with the link, you'll visit it.

contriving to invite users to the website

In order to invite Twitter users to your website, you have to consider the reason why they have to visit there.

Without that, almost none visit your website via the Twitter.

The users visit your website will remember you

To invite Twitter users to the website is harder than getting favorite signals. But the users who visited your website will remember you.

This process is very important to get natural links.

As you are remembered by many people, the possibility to get natural links exactly increases.

Tweet continuously to brand your website

Continuous tweet is essential to be remembered. The more exposure effect is very important on the Twitter, because all of the Tweets on the time lines are not read.

Users stop and read only the tweet they are interested in. They read following tweets.

  • Tweets which have keywords the user wants right now
  • Tweet of writers whom the user especially likes
  • Tweet of writers whom the users remember

If the user acknowledge about you, the possibility to read your tweet rises. Then if the tweet is interesting, the user remember you more strongly.

This continuous process is very important. By doing this process for certain times, the user recognise you as the favorite writer.

Acquire followers who read your tweet

To get follower is very important on using twitter. Generally speaking, users appreciates other users who has a lot of followers.

But there are users whose goal is to collection followers. The very followers you have to acquire are who is interested in your tweets and read them.

But a Twitter account whose follower is too small is not appreciated. Therefore, you can use such followers on the first phase of bringing up your account. The followers are shown as just a number.

In addition to followers, lists of the users is also effective. The Twitter has function to make lists of account. When the user add your account into the list, the user is going to read your tweets.

Imply more contents after clicking the links

If you want to invite users to your web page effectively, write the half of summary as the tweet, and make users guess there are more attractive information is in the web page.

This method is technical method of the copywriting. In order to invite them, the tweet must fulfil following things.

  • Even if the tweet include a part of information, it has to be attractive.
  • Give the reason why the readers have to visit the web page and get more information.

In order to do that, the phrase which makes users imagine what will be change after reading the whole contents. This is very effective way.

For example, "If you can get 1000 users everyday from search engines". This phrase make readers, who is not succeeded in SEO at all, imagine the happy environment. The situation must be realistic to the target readers.

Then, they can not help reading next contents. And the contents are excellent to the readers, they will remember your website, and you.

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