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Let's use Twitter before access from search engine comes

After you launch a new website with a new domain, traffic from search engines are not available for a while. Then Twitter is good tool to check your contents.

Chance to check the contents

After you come to be able to get traffic from long tail keywords, click through rate (CTR) from the search result is important, next. Then high CTR is important in order to do step by step SEO.

By using twitter, you can check the description and title is attractive or not.

Which keyword attracts many people

The catch phrase is very important to be visited by search engine users. Therefore by checking it, you can get traffic from search engines exactly.

The tweet flows on Twitter's time line very rapidly, therefore the condition is harder than search engine result. But if you can catch users there, that means you can also catch them on SERP.

CTR is up to Title and Description of the page

The first information that search engine users view is the title and description.

They decide to click the result or not by them. Therefore they are all facts in increasing the first CTR.

If the content of the page is suitable for users, they revisit the page via search engines. But they do not visit there, they can not know there is excellent contents.

You have to be aware of that, and make title and description on same sense with tweeting on twitter.

Get connection with people who interested in your contents

At first, your twitter account has no follower. Therefore it is very hard to get favorite marker. But continuously tweet good message, you can build connection on Twitter.

Get connection at first

The first thing you have to do is getting connection on twitter. But you had better not use mutual follow tools.

That is because even if the number of followers increases, they do not read your message, because they are not interested in the topics same with you.

What you have to do is tweet with hash tags. The hash tags are the reason why the Twitter is suitable for a person who does not have many connections to start social media.

If you continuously tweet and actually get connection with people who is interested in same topics, that means your tweets are enough attractive to get traffic from search engines.

Increase link opportunities

There are a lot of bloggers in hash tag watchers. That is because they are looking for information which is not available from search engines.

The topics to write a blog article is one of the information.

Stock readers continuously for accurate testing

In addition to following your account, adding it into  a list of twitter has same meaning with getting followers.

The readers of your tweet increases, the chance to get favorite mark also increases. Then you can get more opportunities to test your sales copies.

On Twitter, it is hard to have your message read, but it is sometimes to hard. The topics search engine user want and twitter users want are different.

Search engine users are proactively finding web pages, that is because they think the SERP contains almost only information they want. This situation is almost same with watching time line of other users whom they are interested in. That is similar to watching SERP.

Get Social Signal and accelerate indexing and analysing

By using twitter and getting favorite markers, they are social signal to the search engines. When you start a new website, it is very hard, sometimes impossible to get enough back links.

The back links has effect to accelerate indexing pages. Number of indexed and deeply analysed pages affects ranking on SERP directly.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you to use twitter on starting a new website.

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