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Experience and Case Study are best topics for blog

Writing about case study and your actual experience is very suitable for long tail keywords based SEO.

Actual experience contains many essence

After writing main contents, you will write blog posts. Actual experience and case studies are suitable for the blog articles.

Search engine user has same problem

If you have problems, and solve them, other people faces same problems. Then they will use search engines to find the solution.

The article mentions how to solve it is very suitable contents for SEO, because search engines are QA system, and you provide the answer.

Long tail keywords are there naturally

When you start the website, I guess you research the keywords to represents the website's theme. And your goal is to be ranked by these keywords.

But researching long tail keywords is very difficult. There are huge pattern of keywords, and they are niche words.

But by writing about your actual experience, they are included in the articles naturally.

How to expand long tail keyword's coverage

The long tail keywords are very strong method to get access for both start up and old website. Most of access are generated by them.

Therefore you'll want to expand the coverage of long tail keywords.

In order to do that, you have to consider following variation on writing blog articles.

  • Other experience about solving similar problems
  • Writing same case study with changing point of view, like beginner's view
  • Compare the similar case studies
  • Write about detail of the experience's important points
  • Change the target reader

By these rewriting, you can write a lot of articles, whose main theme is different, even if writing about same thing.

When the point of view is different, the main theme of the articles are different, and some specified keyword is included in them.

Of course you are writing about same theme, therefore generally used keywords are same, but some keywords, which are feature of the article, will also be used.

The search engines knows those co-occurring keywords, and they appreciate them high.

Therefore, if you want to cover widely, you have to cover a lot of point of view.

How searchers act on SERP

Another reason why user experience is suitable for SEO is activity of search engine users who wants those contents.

Find case study and example as many as they can

Search engine users who search case studies want to know a lot of cases.

It is very hard to find same precondition with the searcher. Therefore they search a lot of cases, and consider which case's which situation is same with current case, and what leads to good result.

They do not stop searching after they find a result. That means even if your page is not ranked within 2nd page, it has chance to be visited by users.

Also use image search

They also uses image search. Image search is suitable to find completely wanted result at a glance.

And searchers view a lot of result on the result page. Therefore, if you can create a image which shows theme of their problem at a glance, you can get traffic by it.

Then you do not have to create picture like great info graphics. They prefer real data.

If you use images in order to explain about real case study, they are the most suitable ones. That is because searchers can understand what the page includes the picture mentions at a glance.

Main contents and Case Studies

The blog posts with user experience is suitable for SEO. And by using them, we can bring up main contents.

Concepts with case studies are comprehensive

The main contents is written about the concept and general cases. But by reading only them, it is hard to understand what is written there.

By adding case studies, readers can understand the actual cases.

In addition to that, links to the case studies tends to be clicked. The links actually clicked is appreciated high by search engines.

Blog posts bring up main contents status in SEO

Links from pages which actually be accessed by readers are highly appreciated. It helps the main contents to be indexed.

Especially for young sites, it will be great help. By getting high quality internal links, the pages can be analysed deeply by search engines after indexed.

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