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Technical Long Tail based SEO strategy

In order to aim at traffic from long tail keywords queries, some technical SEO method is necessary. This page mention the technique to do long tail keywords based SEO.

Long tail keyword strategy is essential for all websites

For the new website, traffic form search engines with long tail keyword queries is essential. But it is essential for old and successful websites.

That is because most of traffic is from long tail keywords. Even if you succeeded in getting traffic from middle words, it will not enough.

Generally speaking, a website ranked in big and middle keywords can get a lot of traffic. But that means the website which is ranked in these keywords can rank in a lot of long tail keywords.

Feature of web page which can get long tail keywords access

The web pages which hits for long tail keywords queries has the keywords in the content. There are a lot of variations of query keywords.

If you want to get traffic from such queries, you have to make pages and website strategically.

Variation of queried keywords are included in a page

The pages hit in multiple keywords query has some of the keywords. And by watching the result, you'll find that when the keywords are more than 3, there are few pages which includes all of the keywords in the description on it.

The description on the search result is made automatically, it changes by query. The search engine pick up most suitable ones for the query automatically.

And the pages located on the top of result has more words then ones with lower rank.

That means you can get higher rank by writing phrases include such keywords.

Questions are in the we b page

When you write a page, you have to consider questions, that the search engine users will input to find this page.

And after writing articles, you have to check the question's important keywords are included in the content. If not included, then add the sentence in it.

By doing this, the possibility that your page hits by these keywords rise, because other pages which exactly catch the keywords are few.

Variation of queried keywords are included in a link's anchor

The link's anchor is also important. By linked from other page with the keywords or by set links with them, the possibility to appear on the SERP become higher.

Link strategy for long tail keywords

Outbound links

Outbound links on the page are directly relevant to long tail keywords query. That means the page has hints to find other pages which are relevant to the query.

Therefore if the anchor contains some of query keywords, search engines appreciates that. But in order to work this mechanism, the page have to contains a lot of information about the query's demand.

If the linked page is more suitable than current page, they do not chose the page as the result, instead of it, linked page is selected.

Inbound Links

Inbound links indirectly supports the page's getting traffic from long tail keywords.

The inbound links, which are both internal and external domain, supports detection of the page's theme. The long tail keywords are collection of keywords, on most of cases, they are co-occurring keywords.

Therefore, they have each theme. The page have to be regarded as one which has all of the themes. Even if the page has a theme for a single word, if it does not has other theme, other keywords may be ignored.

In order to make search engines detect these multiple theme definitely, you have to set links with variety of anchors, in addition to writing contents fulfilling demanded all theme.

Entire website must be appreciated at certain level

In addition to correct SEO writing, the website have to be appreciated certain level by search engines.

Most pages are indexed and analysed deeply

The pages have to be analysed deeply. Without that, nothing starts.

How to do that is up to the link structure of your website. About that, please take a look at Internal Link Strategy for new websites.

High Click Through Rate

Click through Rate (CTR) is also important fact of ranking. The search engines ranks pages with high CTR high. Therefore if you succeeded in getting first long tail access, unless that, you can not keep the position.

First access from users

Getting first access is easy on long tail keywords queries. Because the pages ranked in the first or second pages contains the keywords in the title and description of the search results.

And they are looking for what they want seriously. They watches most of result carefully, and clicks most of result which seem like the answer.

Returning access

After clicking the result, users actually read the contents. If the contents is suitable for them, they will return via search engine, again. Then they do not click most of other results which does not respond to their question.

By this process, pages with excellent contents can get higher CTR than other pages. And the search engines watch this process.

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