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The more exposure effect in SEO and internet marketing

The more exposure effect is famous phenomena, and it is relevant to SEO. That is because the search engines count signals generated by humans.

What is the more exposure effect

The more exposure effect is an phenomenon that  a person trust other persons by only meeting many times. The person do not have to do communicate with the other person, by just meet many times.

This effect is available for websites and brands. Therefore in addition to write excellent contents, you have to make effort to increase the opportunities that your customers recognise your website.

Web Design and identity

The internet users recognizes the website and brand instead of the person. Therefore you have to contrive the identity in the internet to make the recognition easy.

Logo of the website

The logo is very important to be aware of the identity. And the logo is used in many situation.

  • Visiting the website
  • Tweet a message
  • Visiting the Social Media's page
  • Banner advertisement

You should use the common logo on all of the exposure opportunities.

The logo have to be different from other logos, and to be out standing.

Web template design

The web template design is also a factor to show the identity of the website. But it is less important than the logo design. There are following 2 way to make the website easy to recognize.

  • Use simple template design to make the logo outstanding
  • Use outstanding template design to differentiate the entire identity of the website

This website uses the first way. That is because this website has a lot of text contents, therefore if the template design is outstanding, it is hard to read them.

If you use a CMS template outstanding design, you have to care the combination of the logo and template design. That is because the logo is used anywhere, therefore you have to contrive the both design so that the visitors can understand the website of the logo is current one.

The more exposure effect in the internet

The more exposure effect frequently occurs in the internet. In order to use the effect, you have to contrive to make a lot of opportunities the users watch the logo again and again.

The user have to recognize it at first

When you aim at the more exposure effect, you do not have to communicate with the users nor to make users to read the contents seriously.

But you have to make the users be aware of the existence. Without that, the effect does not occur.

The advertisement which exclusively use the view

The advertisement which shows it forcibly to the users can cause the effect. That is because the user can recognize the logo before closing the ad, even if they soon close it.

But if possible, you had better make opportunities to make the users to read the contents seriously. By doing that, the users strongly recognize the identity of the website, and the effect become stronger after that.

Movie advertisement

The movie advertisement is very effective method to cause the more exposure effect. That is because the advertisement can exclusively use the movie viewer.

The first 5 seconds is the most important part of the movie advertisement. That is because the user decide to watch the next part or not.

Then you had better to show the logo on the side of the screen. Then user can recognize the author of the movie.

If the first 5 seconds of the movie is attractive, and the user view the movie until the last, they completely recognize the author. After that, they will skip the advertisement, but they will watch the logo in the movie again and again.

This process is very effective to do branding by using more exposure effect.

Banner advertisement to show the logo

The banner and text advertisement is a little bit difficult to use the effect. That is because there are a lot of information in a page, and they do not recognize the banner if they are interested in it. In order to make users be interested in the banner, the user have to guess the contents after clicking it.

Most of people ignore the advertisement and other information which they do not acknowledge. Therefore you have to do at first in order to this type of advertisement, you have to make the users recognize your website's identity.

Remarketing advertisement

The remarketing function is very effective tool to build the brand image. The function is to show the advertisement to the users who visited the website.

The users who visited the website recognize the identity, therefore the more exposure effect occurs exactly.

SEO and more exposure effect

The more exposure effect is relevant to SEO. The search engines acquires the signals generated by humans. The signals are very strong, therefore it is essential to make these signals occur.

Increase the emotional trust of visitors

To be trusted by users is very important to the websites. That is because without trust, users do not do actions to rank up the website.

There are following signals you have to get.

  • High click through rate on SERP
  • Link to the website from a lot of domains continuously

The continuously increasing inbound links is the most effective signal. In order to get it, branding is essential.

To writing excellent content is not enough to do that. In addition to that, you have to use the more exposure effect.

Conversely, if you have excellent contents, but you can not get inbound links, that is because the exposure is to little. Then you have to do is to make opportunity to expose your website.

Generally speaking, if your website is too young, you do not have to care and concentrate on writing good contents, without caring traffic from search engines.

When the search engines approve your website, and start to seriously analyse your website, the traffic starts to increase.

Branding makes click through rate higher

The internet users clicks links to the acknowledged website more than unknown ones. That makes virtuous cycle of SEO.

The big companies advertise the website at first to make brand image. That is the reason why they do that.

Once the brand image is build, the click through rate on the search engines rises. After that, the rank of the website goes up, and the more exposure effect frequently occurs on the search result pages. Then the click through rate rises.

Therefore build the brand image by using more exposure effect is essential to succeed in SEO.

If you are small business owner, and has no budget to pay for advertisement, but do not worry. Then you have to do is to create small virtuous cycle, and bring up it.

What you actually have to do is write many contents to answer a lot of question of search engine users. As the amount of question you answer increases, the opportunities that search engine users meet your page increases.

By continuously writing the articles, the cycle can grows. This is the most attractive point of content marketing. Small business owner can get chance by investing time and labor instead of capital.

SEO and remarketing advertisement

If you worry about click through rate, and has a little money to invest to your website, using only the remarketing advertisement is effective way.

Especially the banner advertisement is effective to build the brand image for low cost.

The users do not click the banner if there are no immediate necessity. Therefore to show it does not need cost. But the users who watch the banner are who acknowledge your identity.

Therefore the more exposure effect occurs, and the brand is built in these persons.

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