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Be not afraid of big competitors on keywords research

When you research the keywords for the new website, you'll check the strength of competitors. Then I guess you use the site command of the Google, and maybe worry about the reach of your website.

What you may do on keywords research

When you plan to start a new website systematically, most of web owners do researching keywords for SEO. Then perhaps most of you will do following things in order to estimate the difficulty of the keywords.

Use external links checker tools

In order to check the inbound links from the external domains, you'll use links checker tools.

The most difficult point of SEO is to build natural inbound links. Therefore most of you think that it is impossible to be ranked higher position than websites which has a lot of links.

But you do not have to worry about that. Because the effective links are few even if there are a lot of links. And recently, importance of the links decreases.

In old SEO, the inbound links from external domains is absolute factor. And it is impossible to get good rank without them, even if that website has excellent and affluent quantity of contents.

But recently, we can do that. We can increase the score by writing quantity of excellent contents instead of building external links.

Therefore we have to concentrate on writing excellent articles which respond reader's demand. Building links is dangerous and there are less merit than writing contents.

Use site command

When you plan to do SEO by writing a lot of contents, you'll want the guide number of enough quantity of pages.

Then you'll use the site command of Google for website of competitors. Then you'll find that the competitors has very huge number of pages.

There are websites which has thousand of pages. But you do not have to worry. That is because the Google appreciates the quantity of information about the keywords and theme.

They do not appreciate information about other themes. Generally speaking, huge websites cover very wide topics, and there are a lot of duplicated contents. Therefore the precise quantity of contents for the keywords is much smaller than you think.

Therefore you have to concentrate on writing about niche theme and give very deep knowledge about it.

Strategy to get traffic for start-up website

It is almost impossible for start-up websites to get a lot of natural links. Therefore the strategy for them is to concentrate on content marketing.

Get traffic from long tail keywords queries by contents

The traffic which come to be available for the start-up website is form long tail keywords queries.

It is available by writing a lot of contents which covers wide topics, and linking the pages each other properly.

Aim at big words for long tail keywords

Naturally, the long tail keywords contains big keywords. Therefore you should aim at big keywords, and do natural writing.

The tail words incorporate with the big keywords are naturally included in the content.

By writing a lot of contents and linking them together, the ranking score for big keywords increases step by step, after the search engines approved your website.

When you aim at the big keyword, it is possible if your website has more quantity of information than others. The information have to be wider and deeper than others.

But you write continuously with patience and diligence, you can aim the big and middle words with long tail keywords at once.

Necessary numbers of articles

In this strategy, you have to gain the score by content instead of building natural links. Therefore, at least, you have to rank in by the quantity of information.

By actual searching, the most of websites hit on the 1st page has more than 100 pages. Often there are website which has only 30 to 80 pages, but they are a few.

The 100 is the least number of pages, and in addition to that, you have to cover the score of inbound links. Therefore you have to write more 50 to 100 pages. The total number of necessary pages I guess is about 150 to 200.

Perhaps this is the most difficult point, and the start-up sites have to solve at first.

In addition to the quantity of pages, each page have to fulfil following conditions.

  • The number of words in a page have to be greater than 600
  • The most of parts in the contents have to be original
  • Cover the most of topics around the big words by these pages
  • Do not count the pages CMS or blog system automatically generate

To say that is easy, but to actually execute that is very difficult. Therefore if you can do that, you can win the competitors who can not do that.

Do not care traffic for first 4 months

The Google and other search engines do not evaluate the new website seriously. Therefore you do not have to care the ranking on the SERP, and traffic from the search engines. Just ignore that.

Even if you wrote a lot of contents in short term, they are not analysed.

That means it is too early to appreciate your website's SEO result in this period.

It is after 4 to 6 month you appreciate the result. Therefore even if your website can get almost no traffic from search engines, it is usual case.

Continue writing articles without losing quality

The most important point of SEO is how to keep the motivation to write contents, that is not technical skills.

What we have to do is not only writing a lot of contents, but also to continue writing high quality contents. Without motivation, we can not do that. And to continue that while traffic from search engines is almost zero.

While the search engines do not appreciate your website, nothing changes. In this situation, most of bloggers who are going to make a business blog give up.

Therefore you have to think different. The search engines can analyse only the top blogs and websites. And now a day, the website can approved by the contents instead of links.

The websites which has a lot of natural links are a few, therefore you have chance to rank in.

You had better to write more quantity than most of business bloggers give up. The SEO is competition.

By continuing writing longer and a lot of contents can win. There are no way to success without patience. That is the difficulty of SEO for highly skilled people.

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