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Powerful writing method for Q and A contents

Search engine friendly contents are basically answer for a question. It is because search engines are Q and A system. After writing basic contents, you should do is to write contents to catch the queried keywords on the search engines.

After writing basic contents

I think your first task on creating contents is writing basic information about your topics. But after you do that, you need more topics and idea about writing.

Basic contents

The basic contents are systematically written contents like textbook. It covers almost all knowledge about the theme in the website.

The usage of the contents is supposed to be read from the first. By reading them one by one, the reader can learn the knowledges.

Read textbook to know entire concept

When you create the website, you'll write the basic knowledge as main contents managed with CMS. Tree structured pages are suitable for such documents, because the relationship between pages is important to arrange the knowledge systematically.

When you write the main contents, it have to be simply summarised. Too long pages are not suitable for this type of documents.

The readers want to learn entire concept at first, after that, learn the detail of the concept. Therefore it is very hard to write a lot of pages as main contents.

Content SEO requires quantity of contents

But in actual SEO, website owner have to write a lot of contents, which is about 100 pages or 400,000 characters. After writing most of documents, and add contents about case studies and hot topics as blog posts, more and more idea is necessary to increase content volume.

If you write forcefully, it has risk to make the quality of website down. Then Q and A contents is useful.

Q and A contents

Text book style contents is useful to learn something from zero. But Most of readers comes from search engines have what they want to know, and they want the web page to answer the question directly.

In such situation, readers choose pages, which has same description with their problem or near from that, in the search result.

Questions increases ideas to write blog posts

Most of the questions are not in the textbook. Therefore you have opportunities as many as the questions.

And you can add keywords to be queried on search page. That means possibility to hit by long tail keywords increases.

The search engine users do not know the solution, and they queries with keywords they know. Therefore question part on the page is very important in catching customers.

Reuse the basic contents on the answer part

The answers for questions frequently contain same parts, then links to the basic content are useful.

Question and answer

To answer the question means to introduce where to read to the visitors. The visitors uses search engines to find pages to read, because they can not find them.

On the Question and Answer page, you have to write summary and important detail of the solution. You have to write all of the ideas which the reader want to know right now.

Then you do not have to be nervous about duplicated contents. Search engines knows there are many situation when it is necessary. You have to consider usability and comprehensiveness of the contents.

Internal links building

High quality internal links are essential in content based SEO. By writing in this method, you can build them automatically.

The goal of internal links is to increases duration time when a visitor comes from search engines.

By using this method, the visitor has decisive reason why the person have to click the links in the page.

In addition to the links on the article, recommendation and navigation links are generated by CMS and keyword tag engine. These links also helps the visitor to stay at the site for long time, if the website is impressive and liked.

Find questions with QA sites

QA sites are very useful to find the question. By making blog posts answering them, you can create a very good content.

In addition to that, you can post the blog article to the QA sites. Generally, the links on the answer section of them are "nofollow" links. But I guess it is approved. And actual visitors comes from the links, then you can check the reaction by http logs.

Questions include natural keywords

Finding keywords by using keyword tools is one of the way. But it is hard to find a lot of long tail keywords with it.

The questions in the QA site are real data, it contains other keywords than the keyword tools output.

By writing situation of the question in the blog post, the keywords your customers uses on queries are included naturally. If you find them by keyword tools, it may be tough task for you and you'll spend a lot of time in researching keywords.

I think you had better write more contents instead of wasting time.

Check QA sites and communities

There are following QA sites.

By using these sites, you can find ideas by searching questions. When you shorten ideas to write blog, I recommend you to explore them.

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