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Compare human sales man and web content

Internet marketing using contents is essential for small business owners. Then comparing the analog sales and digital marketing is effective to write good sales copies.

Common points between analog and digital marketing

Both analog and digital marketing's goal is selling commodities. The basic concept of selling is same.

Customer's interest

Customer's interest do not changes by using internet. But by the information customers get after the contact, it sometimes changes.

That is also same in both digital and analog marketing. The website gives information to customers by contents, and the shop and sales persons give it on alalog marketing.

The order of sales information

When a sales person going to sell a product after catching target customer, the person does following things.

  • Listen to the customer, and understand the demand and problem to solve.
  • Show the customer that the sales person sympathises that.
  • Tell the customer that the sales man can satisfy the customer.
  • Tell the customer how to solve the problem or fulfil the demand.
  • Introduce the commodity

This process is same with content marketing. When you create contents for content marketing using search engines, you are aware of following process.

  • Sympathise the problem and demand of users
  • Make users assure the page has very information users want
  • Explain about the solution
  • Introduce the commodity

The method and system is different, but the information order to transfer to the customer is same.

The difference between analog and digital marketing

The difference between the alalog and digital marketing is of tools and methods to communicate with the customers.

The timing when the customer deny the sales talk

When a sales person is in front of you, the customer care the emotion of the sales person. Therefore customers continue listening for a while.

Even if the first approach is not attractive, the sales person can tell the second, third approach, and one of them is attractive, the customer continue listening the sales talk.

But on digital marketing, customers get out the web page when they feel there is no information which is exactly what they want, at a grance. They leave soon, even if there is what they want after reading the first section of the page.

This is the very reason why the internet marketing is difficult. But if you can solve the problem, they are almost same.

That is because if at once, the customer feel the page has what they want, they read the page patiently.

Acquiring customer's response

On analog marketing, it is very easy to get the response of sales talk. When a sales person is in front of the customer, it is easy to look the face and guess the emotion.

When customers come to the shop, the sales persons can watch which commodities they are viewing.

On internet marketing using website, it is very hard. We can't check the emotion of customers who visits the website. Just surmising that from the accessed pages and the duration times.

This content management system has mouse motion capture. This tool can capture and record the mouse movement on the page, and replay it. by using this tool, you can surmise more accurately what the customer feels.

Reachable location and area

On analog marketing, reachable area is where the sales parsons can go. It is up to physical distance and mobility of the sales person.

But on internet marketing, that is up to the language. If the website is written in Japanese, Japanese people comes, and written in English, all of English speakers are the target.

Branding strategy and cost

In order to build brand image to customers, we have to make opportunities to face the brand for the customers.

On internet marketing, the cost is lower than analog marketing.

On internet marketing, following actions are effective to build brand image.

  • Succeed in SEO, and customers come to website again and again
  • Use banner advertisement
  • Use remarketing function of the advertisement system to follow customers
  • Connect with customers with Social Media and dispatch contents continuously

Otherwise, on analog marketing, we have to do following things.

  • Contact and visit customers again and again
  • Send sales letters continuously
  • Use analog advertisements

Marketing cost

The internet marketing is essential to the small business owners, because the cost is very low, if they can contrive to do SEO.

The cost prise of everything is up to the competitors to bid them. Therefore you have to plan in what you are going to invest to differentiate other competitors.

The business owner who systematically plan excellent strategy wins, and they can use the advertisement for low cost. This point is same with alalog marketing.

The most different point, about marketing cost, between analog and internet marketing is whether they can invest time in it. On internet marketing, we can invest time and own labor in creating contents.

Internet advertisement

The price of internet marketing increases because more and more business owners come to using internet advertisement.

But movie advertisement is still cheaper than text and banner advertisement. That is because in order to use that, we have to create a movie.

The advertisement which needs initial cost is cheaper than ones which does not need it.

SEO marketing

In order to succeed in SEO, you have to build give and take relationship between the Google and other search engines. That means a lot of contents is necessary to do that.

But after making the contents, traffic from search engines comes for free.

The SEO marketing needs initial cost or labor, and term, but after that, it is the most effective and low cost marketing method.

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