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Sandbox effect occurs when new theme is added

Sometimes the ranking on Google get down even if you do white hat SEO. Sandbox effect occurs when you add contents or acquire new links.

It looks like getting penalty, but it is not that. You do not have to respond that, just waiting for reindex.

When the ranking getting down

When the google re-evaluate the website, the ranking get down dramatically. On most of cased, the theme of the entire content is relevant to that.

On following situation, the entire theme are change, or added. Then re-analysing the website may be done.

New category and pages with new theme added

When you writing the blog articles, sometimes you'll extend the categories of the website in order to add new themes.

For example, this website is targeting on SEO and Content Management System. When I started this website, most of contents are about SEO. But recently, I've added a lot of contents about Content Management system.

This means the entire web theme is added and changed.

When the entire themes of the website changed, google have to re-analyse the web contents. That is because the important keywords are up to the entire theme.

Internal link structure changed dramatically

The google analyse theme of the content only when the page is important. The google checks internal and external link status on deciding whether analyse it or not.

The internal links are the core factor to decide the importance of the page before analyse it. Therefore the internal link strategy is very important for especially new domain site.

This type of sandbox effect occurs when you do internal Search Engine Optimization.

For example, if your website has many deep pages which are not reachable within 2 clicks, and you change the link structure, it occurs.

The google detects the links from top and upper pages, and add many pages into the candidates to analyse theme. Then the themes ratio of the entire website dramatically changes. Then google detects the change of website's theme, and starts re-analysing it.

Get many effective links

The links are one of big fact to decide the theme of the page. Therefore if you get a lot of effective links, the theme's strength is changed by them.

Then the theme ratio of entire website changes. That read to re-analysing entire web theme.

When the theme of website changes what happen

When the theme changes, then google starts to recalculate the theme. Then following changes are found.

Suggestion of Keyword Planner on Adwords changes

The Keyword Planner is available on administration console of the Google Adwords.

By specifying the Url of top page of your website, it shows the theme and keywords.

Keyword Planner's result

I think this suggestion tool for Url input uses the theme of the search engine. That is because the theme changes unless I change the contents of the website.

Number of index decreases

We can check the number of index by following tools.

  • site command of search page
  • Sitemap tool on the Web Master Tools
  • Index Status page of the Web Master Tools

Following picture is graph of index's number on Web Master Tools's Index Status.

Change of index nubmer

The number of index once decreases and it gets back again after a period. I think that is because the google re-index the pages. Before making a new index, it seem to delete the old ones.

Content Keywords on Web Master Tools change

Content keywords of the pages which are already detected change without updating content of the page.

Following table is Content Keyword data downloaded from Web Master Tools. The format is transformed to show the detected keywords for each page.

Theme of the pages

When the entire website's themes are changed, important keywords changes.

The Google continuously change this data, by repeating following actions.

  • Crawl and index new pages
  • Detect important keywords by using entire site themes and link's theme
  • If necessary, re-analyse entire site theme

Crawling frequency gets slow

When the google calculating entire theme and re-analysing each page, the frequency of crawling gets very slow.

Crawl stats

When it seem to be analysing pages very hard, it almost does not comes to the website.

Therefore I think the crawler has CPU budget for each site, in addition to the crawl budget. The summation of CPU and crawl budget may be the action budget, and it uses most of budget in analysis, crawler has no afford to crawl the pages.

Growth of structured data stops

Growth of the structured data's graph on the Web Master Tools stops when it re-analyse the theme, even if there are many new pages whose data is not detected.

I guess that is because the crawler do not crawl pages in the website. The structured data seem to be detected when the page crawled.

But it finish to analyse theme, a lot of structured data is detected. On 4/2/15, they are detected after that.

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