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Satellite site strategy to build branding image

When you do SEO, to create multitude websites is not necessary. But by using a few satellite site, you can effectively build your brand image, and that is effective in SEO.

What is satellite site

The satellite site is another website than the main website. I think most of people reading this website will have main website to represent your identity.

But I guess some of the people feel following things.

  • The contents of the main site is not suitable for catching customers on the first phase.
  • More website which has stronger authority is necessary.
  • The main site is enough contents, and it is hard to add new pages without duplicated contents.

Then I recommend you to create a new satellite site to collect customers.

How to create a satellite site

When you create the satellite site, it must have another goal but the main site. The common theme can be exists. But affluent original contents are required.

The goal of satellite site

Mainly the satellite site's goal is just give passes to the main site. To send traffic to the main site is the main goal.

Sometimes the main site which explains about yourself and your commodities, is not good at collecting customers. If your bland is famous, I guess you can do it.

But most of start-up business owners are not famous. Therefore they have to make process to build the own brand image.

The satellite site should concentrate on the topics which are generally spoken. That is because the customers do not query by keywords the do not know.

The share of the topics about your brand can be small, and the answer of the question that the customers frequently ask have to be large.

Planning the satellite site's theme

The theme of the satellite site is generally spoken topics.

Satellite and main site

And the satellite site answers questions of the customers as much as possible by the web contents. This process is essential for search engine marketing.

The main site has following topics.

  • Detail of Commodity
  • Introduction of the commodity

And the satellite site has following.

  • Question and answer topics
  • Usage or user experience relevant to the commodity
  • Introduction of the commodity

The introduction of the commodity is the common topics between the man and satellite site. But both of the sites has original contents.

This is very important thing. If each site has no original topics and linked together, they are suspicious for the search engines.

Domain of the satellite site

When you create a satellite site, there are 2 way to do that. The domain of the website is a target of scoring.

Other domain

If you take a new domain, and build the web site on it. The website is assumed as a competitor of the main site by the search engines.

Therefore if there are contents explaining same issue, these are evaluated independently. Therefore if you think the main site has a lot of contents for customers' questions, and the semantic information of the both site become redundant, this way is suitable. 

Sub domain

Sub domains share the same root domain, and they also share the value. The search engines assume the authors of the websites in the sub domain has relationship like partnership.

Therefore by writing contents, which is arranged with considering information architecture of the whole domain, this is the best way.

Then there is another way to locate contents, that is using directory on the main site, which is written at Use sub domain or directory for a new theme.

But by making the new sub domain, the top page of the sub domain is newly added. The top page is special page which has power to make the contents be detected and analysed by search engines.

The links from the sub domain are assumed as internal links, but I think it has almost same effect with external links.

Effect of Satellite site strategy

If the satellite site works effectively, there are a lot of good effects to SEO. The websites which are good to the customer works effectively both in SEO and building the brand image.

Get backlinks

The pass to the main site is done by the link to the commodity contents. After the customers interested in the commodity, and understood that, the link is essential factor to get next necessary information for the customers.

The links with necessity is not spam links. The search engines can understand that.

Make the click through rate higher

If the customers come to being strongly interested in the commodity, they will search by the brand. And they exactly click the result of official site. That makes the click through rate of the main site, and this is very effective signal to make the search engines acknowledge the value of the website.

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