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Consider user experience for SEO keywords sellection

When search engine users use it, they acts different way according to their purpose. By thinking that, we can understand value of the ranking of keywords.

The strength of the demand changes user's action

The action of users on SERP is up to the strength of demand and competitor's status on each keyword. Therefore the visibility of the web page at the same ranking position is up to the keyword.

When users finish searching

The user who use search engine has goal use it while the information demand is satisfied or they give up.

Essential information or not

They exactly has condition to finish searching. If there are no result which completely satisfy the demand, they change the keyword and try again.

And tried several times, they give up. The time they try before give up is up to the strength of demand.

If the information they need is essential, they try again and again. But it is not essential, they give up soon, and postpone getting result.

Single answer or multiple answers

And there are 2 cases that the user needs a single answer or multiple answer.

If a user demands the knowledge to execute something, a single answer is required. They will stop searching after finding an answer.

But if a user demands case studies, they attempt to search many cases as possible as they can. Therefore they do not stop searching after finding an answer.

This factor is important when you choose the topic of the page. The case studies are strong at rising click through rate, because even if the competitors are around the search result, it has enough possibility to be clicked.

How many pages of the SERP the users watch

The users in normal status watches the result page within 2nd pages. After 3rd pages, most of users do not watch them.

If there are matched result in the first page, they'll not watch the 2nd page.

But if the user tried to search essential information again and again by changing keywords, and there are currently no keywords they remember right now, then they starts to watch the pages after 3rd page.

The search result after 3rd page has less relevance than ones of the 1st, 2nd pages. Therefore the speed to view the result rapidly. Then they are reading only the title, and if it contains the keywords they looking for, they click the result.

On viewing the result page which is after 3rd, the title of the web page is very important. If the title includes the decisive keywords, most of users click it. That lead to high click through rate.

Therefore the users usually watches only 1st, 2nd page, but if they can not find it, they'll watch more than 3rd pages.

Which keywords the search engine users use

Even if they watch all of the result they can reach by the known keywords, they starts to read the website written about general topics, and learn the keywords to search.

When you create a website for beginners, you'll attempt to use easy keywords instead of terminologies. But if the terminology is measure and for specific demands, it can be searched.

Therefore, when you research the keywords to aim at, you had better consider such terminologies.

Evaluate the ranking by user's point of view

There are a lot of search result for most of keywords. The number of results is sometimes more than 100,000,000. In most of cases it is more that 1,000,000, and when you search niche keywords, it is about 100,000.

Number of results

Therefore some of you might thing it is impossible to get ranked in under 20th of the huge numbers.

But it is all of the pages which contain some of the keywords you input. And you can not view actual result more than about 600.

When you estimate the difficulty of the keywords, query the keywords, and let's take a look at the result. Then consider and check following things.

  1. What is the real demand of user who input the keywords
  2. Check the results on the 1st page satisfy the demand completely

If the top results do not satisfy the demand completely, you have a chance. What you have to do is to write page contents which completely satisfy the needs.

Effective keywords you have to aim at

As the result of user experience on the SERP, following keywords are good target for a new websites which has low domain value.

You can approach search engine users by choosing keywords which has chance, even if your website is in hard condition.

Middle niche keywords

To get top position in the search ranking by niche keywords is easy, but the keyword is too niche, there are few access.

Therefore you have to choose keywords which has certain frequency of search queries. Then you have to check the frequency with the keywords tool on the adwords, and actual search result.

Even if the keyword has enough frequency, if there are few competitors who answer the demand completely, you have chance.

Keywords for case studies

The search users who search the case studies want multiple answers. Therefore, they continue searching even if they found some results.

Then you have to write case study contents which have difference between other competitors'. That is because the users want many case studies, because they want to analyse them by comparing multiple examples.

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