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Google algorithm selects the page before calculate all factor

Google algorithm selects the page to show on the SERP before calculating total score for the theme.

Why I think so

Sometimes, most of you have found that, when the rank of google search result went down, the page shown on the result is different from before. After a while, it recover and the page also changed into last one.

Then the internal links to the first page are detected correctly.

I think that is because google algorithm select the page for each keywords or theme, and calculate the score after that.

This website experienced that

I do not use ranking checker for this website, but I'm checking it manually. Then I found the phenomenon occurs to my site.

When I check the keyword A, the top page is shown on the SERP.

This is a new site with new domain

This website is created with a new domain. It has no inbound links because there are no owners before.

This website has 51 pages, but they are not analysed completely after indexed.

Most of Internal links are not detected

Most of internal links are not detected. Only 5 pages are detected, and outbound links to the page are partially detected.

Internal Links

According to this data, it is impossible to calculate topical pagerank for this website. Therefore, when the links are not there, google select page to show on SERP by authority of the page content.

But top page's referencing pages are not completely detected. After the rank and shown page recovered, the referencing pages for top page also increased.

After rank recovered

That means links are used to choose top ranked page for queried keywords.

Only keywords on the top page is detected

The detected keywords are only ones of the top page. Other pages are not analysed.

Content Keywords

Therefore, other page's are only indexed the keywords the contents has.The significance of the keywords, and co-occurring relationships between keywords are not detected. But other page at deep hierarchy hit the search instead of the top page.

If the page is completely analysed, the rank will be higher than current rank. But it is ranked about 200th. That means the ranking engine select a page which is not completely calculated the rank.

Structured Data

The structured data detected is below.

Structured Data

The structured data is analysed before detecting links and content keywords. And the page shown as low rank is not detected. Of course the top page's data is detected.

That means search engine selected a page which has no authority score.

What is the factor of ranking

I consider that the search engine ranks the page following 2 steps. By knowing these steps, we can rank up proper page in the website.

Until select the page to show on SERP

At first, ranking engine select the page to show on the SERP by following factor.

  • Quantity of information about relevant topics with the keywords
  • Links from relevant theme

The evaluation is rough on this phase. I guess that is because it costs a lot of CPU power in order to accurate authority rank of the page.

After selected the page

After that, search engines calculate real score to rank a page in the all pages in the internet. On this phase, it calculate page authority and other factor fully.

Therefore, if wrong page was selected by search engine, the most suitable page for the keyword will not be appreciated.

When you create a website with a lot of pages, you have to be aware of page selection.

Google do not calculate authority rank for all pages

I think the google do not calculate the score of all pages. Some pages which are eligible to show on SERP is the target of that. It does not calculate it for other pages.

If the authority rank is calculated, I guess it is used to choose the page for the keywords query. But at first, a new page do not have authority score.

Therefore we have to organize the website with considering this process, and make google calculate deeper for all page.

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