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How to write SEO effective sales copy as a single page

When you write actual contents on your web page, I guess you'll feel it is different from copy writing for a paper, advertising. That is because the web page has links, and a website consists of many pages.

And you think appeal for the search engines is essential, therefore you feel them different things.

Difference between website writing and an advertise copy

The most important thing on writing web pages is following things.

  • The relevance between other pages are important
  • Reduce duplicated contents
  • Effective link is necessary

The most of them are about duplicated contents and internal links.

Duplicated content is not problem

When you write pages, you have to write same things again and again. That is because without them, readers cannot understand what the article says.

Search engines know that, therefore duplicated content rarely become problem.

The very problem is the page has no original parts. If there are original parts, it has no problem.

When you check google's webmaster tools, I guess you have experience to find problems about duplicated titles and descriptions. It is because the point of view must be original. They are only parts you must write original text.

Internal links means suggestion

Internal links are necessary to organize a website. Your page have to have them in order to do content based SEO.

The internal links means suggestion of next contents which are also readers demand. Therefore if there are no outbound links in the page, the usability is lessen. 

Of course search engines check the usability by internal links.

How to write an actual page

When you write actual a page on the website, you have to consider following things.

  • The page is a part of website
  • The page must more useful than single pages without links

This process is almost same with making a landing page. All of the pages have possibility to be a landing page when you do search engine marketing.

In order to create a website effective for humans and search engine, following process is suitable.

Hold up ideas about the theme

At first, hold up essential ideas about the story you want to write.

Story about theme

On this phase, you have to hold up only essential ones for the story.

Brush up Ideas

After that, hold up relevant themes, and ideas. Classify them into 2 groups, those are highly demanded theme and maybe demanded.

Relevant themes

This process is very important, you have to know what customers want. If you have affluent experience about that, you can classify them efficiently.

Actually create a page

Finally, create a web page. You have to include essential ideas to the story and highly demanded theme. That is because when you aim access from search engine by long tail keywords it is preferred that the page includes a lot of information for search demand in a page.

Actual Page

In addition to that, set links to the page which mention themes which are maybe demanded. By this structure, readers can choose what they want to read, and the search engine can detect that and appreciate the page with internal link's quality.

If your website has no page about relevant theme, it is a chance to write a new page. Or you can link to other website's page.

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