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Set initial links for a new website

New website owners have to consider about initial links. The goal of links on this phase is to invite crawlers from other sites.

Let's use links available to everyone

When you start the website, you have to get a few links. Too many links are not necessary for new websites.

If you get too many unnatural links, the risk of penalty increases. If you have plan to get natural links continuously, it has no risk, but most of small business owners can't do it.

Therefore, you have to recognize the links are tools to enforce content value, and set necessary a few links when you start own site.

I think you have to get links which are available for everyone.

The goal of initial links are invite crawlers

The goal of links for a new website is to invite crawlers to your website. The crawlers find web pages by following factors.

  • Registered sitemap and Rss feed
  • Links form external domain pages which are indexed

I guess you'll register the Search Console and Web Master Tools of each search engines. But in addition to that, you have to set some links from external domains.

Noffolow links are also detected

Generally speaking, the links with nofollow attributes do not affect web status. But actually, the Google Search Console detects these links.

Detected nofollow links

I guess some of the links with nofollow attributes, which fulfil following factors, works like normal links.

  • Links from highly trusted domain
  • The page contents and linked page has relevance

The Google and Bing counts the nofollow links on twitter. Even if they are nofollow links.

Social network sites

To getting social network sites account is easy and available to everyone.

The account has fields to input your websites and you can put message with links. The links are generally with nofollow attribute value, but some of the links are appreciated.

Your other website

If you have other old websites, you can put links from relevant page. Then you have to consider following things.

  • Do not set too many links to the top page
  • Do not link to the new site from pages which have no relevance
  • Also set links to the leaf pages

If you do not have other websites, you do not have to create them to set links. I think you had better concentrate on writing good contents instead of doing that.

Get links from social networks

Everyone can get social network account. But you do not have to be heavy user.

The goal of getting inbound links from external domain is to invite crawlers, on the first step of SEO. To get links to increase the reputation is next step. By setting links to deep pages, the crawlers can find them exactly.

Google Plus

The google plus is the first SNS you have to register. Because author information uses the status of this SNS.

And in addition to that , you can post self promotion message to the blog communities.

The links from Google Plus is detected in Search Console, therefore by posting blog articles after you wrote it, you can increase links to the deep pages continuously.


The Twitter is most recommended SNS for new website owners. That is because by using hash tags, you can spread the information to many poeple.

And if your tweet is favored, retweeted, or your account is added to the list of the users, links to your account in the Twitter increases.


The Facebook is SNS you have to use after getting long tail access from search engines. By making Facebook page of your website, you can give opportunities to join the community.

But it does not seem to affect the search ranking. I guess that is because it is easy to invite users to the community with advertisement. The search engines likes natural actions, and if they appreciate the links from Facebook pages, all of the websites which are ranked in the first page will be Facebook promotion users.

The "" is one of the community site that I fount on happen. But the links from this site are shown on the Search Console.

Detected inbound links

The links are with noffolow attribute. But they are appreciated.

This site is not special site for search engines like Google Plus and Twitter, but the nofollow links are detected. Therefore the nofollow links seem to be appreciated in other sites.

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