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Case study about how to use Keyword Tag

The keyword Tag function on CMS and Blog is effective tool to arrange articles. But it sometimes causes bad affect in SEO. That is because the Keyword Tag is a too effective tool, therefore it sometimes causes over optimization penalty.

Therefore currently I do not use keyword tags for main contents. I use them for blog contents. And half numbers of the tags are set as hidden. I use them in order to recommend suitable relevant blogs.

How keyword tags affect

Keyword tags are effective tool to build proper internal links. The internal links affects ranking and selecting page to show on SERP. Therefore if you use it correctly, the website can rank up. But if you use it incorrect way, search engines misunderstand the page structure and which pages are important page.

Good case

On good case, links from the keyword tags collect link values to the important pages. Then search engines can find correct important pages for keywords and the rank of the website goes up.

The pages which have outbound pages can increase authority rank by out bound links. Therefore both pages can go up in the ranking.

Bad case

On bad case, the links from keyword tags collect link value to tag's summary page, and summary page has no original contents. Then search engines can not detect important pages, or misunderstand the content structure.

If the content structure is misunderstood, the authority rank is not transferred to the relevant pages.

Effective Keyword Tag strategy

In order to use keyword tags effectively, we have to consider following things.

  • The most linked page's content is original
  • The links of the keyword tags do not destroy page hierarchy
  • The links generated from tags have to address another relevant niche

By considering following stuffs, we can use tags correctly.

Summary Page

Each keyword tag has summary page. The summary page have to have following contents and links.

  • Original content
  • Link to pages which is next lower hierarchy

When you write a blog, page hierarchy is easy to keep, because it is very simple. But online document has exact page hierarchy. It helps search engines to understand contents.

Therefore grouping tags are mainly for blog contents. When you use blog with CMS, you have to consider proper structure to incorporate blog contents with CMS documents.

site structure

In order to do that, set the summary page as the online document's top category page.

By this structure, by writing blog articles, you can bring up the main contents, and main contents support the blog articles.

Number of Tags

When you start website, your main goal of SEO is access from long tail keywords. Therefore you have to create niche keyword tags.

REcommendation navigator

The keyword tags are used in making recommendation links on each page. It is necessary for search engines to recognize the theme of the page.

But too many tags cause search engine's confusion, therefore you have to make hidden tags, which are only for recommendation.

Hidden Tags

Hidden tags are ones which do not have the summary page. They are not shown on the webiste.

By hiding these tags from search engines, they can recognize site structure which has both main contents and blog posts.

And you can completely recognize the site structure made by internal links. Therefore it is easy for you to maintain website's contents.

Case Study of this site

This website also uses the keyword tags in this way. The structure is same with this website mentions.

Tag structure

This website's tag has following structure.

Keyword tag structure

It has 2 top sections, they are Main Contents and User Interest(hidden).

The Main Contents tag has a summary page which is main content. By setting this tag to the blog article, you can set link from main contents.

And the hidden tags do not have summary page. The do not appear on website.

Main content tags

Main content tags are there for each main content page. The Tag Page points to the summary page.

Main Content Tag

By adding this tag, the blog posts are added to the Tagged Pages.

When you create a new main contents, you have to create a new tag.

Hidden Tags

Hidden tags are used in creating recommendation links. The tags do not have summary page, but they have information to choose relevant contents.

Hidden tags

The keywords and Keywords(Sub) section are to set keywords of tag's theme. You can set the keywords and weight of them. If the weight is not entered, it is automatically 1.

And you can set the Tagged Pages. They also have weight of the tag. By these setting, the Content Management System generates links with name for proper contents.

The hidden tags are for user's interest. By this setting, you can generate links which matches reader's demand after reading current content.

After you write a new blog post, you'll find some new interests of readers. Then add a new hidden tags, and recalculate the links.

By this process, the content management system become wiser than before, continuously.

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