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Sitemap's page is indexed, index status does not change after 4 days

The google webmaster tool's sitemap page changed. Most of pages but new blog posts are indexed.

Today is 4th day after I started this website with new domain.

Sitemap status

This most rapid response for indexed data is the sitemap page

In order to know the pages newly created pages can be indexed or not, the sitemap page gives rapid information next to the site command.

I'm interested in how long does it take for google to analyse website's contents, because it is necessary when I check the response for SEO activities.

Today is just 4th day, therefore almost nothing is analyzed by google. Therefore, we can check that easily. If there are a lot of contents and history, it is very hard.

Indexes once disappeared

When I check indexes with sitemap command, it disappeared once, it was 43 pages -> 32 pages. But after 3 hours, it recovers.

I guess when the google re-index pages, they disappears for a while.

Site hierarchy has nothing to do with crawling and indexing

Generally speaking, the best practice of site structure is that users can reach all pages within 2 clicks. But my site needs 4 clicks for most deep pages.
(most of pages can reach within 3 clicks.)

But the crawler fetched all pages and indexed them. Currently all pages are indexed.

Link and Content Keywords are not detected

External inbound links and content keywords are not detected. It seems to be later.

After the content is detected, I'm going to set links. Currently I set links from my other website. Doing natural SEO is to find excuse to links.

But the links I set are necessary ones, if it is not there, users can not understand about my product. I'll mention about backlink later in this blog.

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