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New domain's pages are indexed after 16 hours

I've started this website on March 7th in 2015. And next day, all of the pages are indexed by google. Recently, indexing speed is faster than before.

About this website

This website, which is "www.creator-learning", is using a new domain. There are no last owner.

The number of pages is 39. I contrived not to make useless pages, and I made the blog archive pages "noindex, nofollow".

The active page's number is 39, and they are included in the "sitemap.xml".

What I did after opened

After I opened the website, I registered sitemap cml files to following search engines' web master tools.

They have input form to register "sitemap.xml" and RSS feeds. Therefore I registered them.

After that, I did following things, and the search engines responds like below.


After registered the sitemap xml file and RSS feeds, use fetch as google for the top page and 4 main category pages.

After that, soon the googlebot comes. And fetch these pages and directly linked pages. And after about 12 hours, the robots come to other pages. They fetched the pages not periodically. They do it at once.

After they fetch the page, the "Googlebot-Image/1.0" comes. The Googlebot-Image fetches the images at once for each pages. I found the reason why after a new site was created. the stats of crawling bounce up. That is because the Googlebot-Image.

Currently, Googlebot fot Mobile and Smartphone does not come. Therefore the order of crawler types comes for a page is following.

  • At first, default Googlebot comes
  • Fetch the images by Googlebot-Image
  • Googlebot for Smartphone comes

When I check indexed pages with the site command, all of the 39 pages appears.


After registered the sitemap xml file, and 8 hours passed. The status changed from pending to Success. But no robots comes.

Currently, I looking for the function to send urls to bing, but I can't find it. Insted of that, there is "Fetch as Bing". It has only function to check if the url and fetched content is correct or not.


After registered the sitemap xml file,the status is still processing.

Yandex sitemap

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