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Structured data seem to be detected before creating index

The structured data is one of metrics to check the health of the website. It seem to be created before creating index.

Structured data is good tool to check website's health on Google

The structured data is detected and shown on the search console of the Google.

By watching the data, we can find the urls which are detected on the page are also shown on the Content Keywords and Internal Links console.

The Google do not analyse all of the website's page, it does only pages which are approved as important pages.

To checking which pages are approved is effective way to check the health of the website's SEO status. If important pages for you are not analysed, you had better change the internal link structure or add more original contents to the lower hierarchy pages.

Why I think structured data was detected before analysing

One reason why I think so is I mentioned previously that the pages whose structure data is detected also appears on the other pages of Search Console.

Another reason is the number of the pages of structured data console grows up before the index numbers on the Search Console pages.

Current Structured Data status

This website is created on 03/07/2015 and I'm continuously writing blog posts and main contents. Current status is below.

  • Total page number: 106
  • Total words number on the body of article : 83349
  • Total characters number on the body of article (exclude space) : 393233

The crawler starts crawling this website seriously and actively from 06/08/2015. The Google do not crawl the website actively. It seem to crawl and analyse seriously after 3 months passed.

The graph of the structured data is below. 98 pages are detected.

Detected structured data

And the crawl statistic data is below.

Crawl Stats

I'm writing almost every day, and crawler comes a few times, but the crawled page's structured data was not detected for about 3 weeks.

But from 10/06/2015, the structured data starts to increase. I think that means Google starts analysing my website seriously. A new domain site is not analysed for some months, therefore I think finally it starts, but this is just the beginning.

Index status

There are 2 pages which we can check how many indexes are created on the Search Console. Following graphs are them.

Index of the sitemap status

Indes Status of Search Console

The number of index status is 93 pages. It is smaller than structured data's number, that is 98.

I think that means detecting structured data is a task which is done on the way to create an index.

Internal Link status on Search Console

This website's index is increasing, and the analysing website progresses. In order to assure that, let's take a look at Internal Links status on the search console.

internal links detected

Last time, the number of the pages shown in the list is 86 on 06/10/2015. Comparing with that, the number is increasing.

And I guess the number will increase to the near number with structure data's page.

Let's set structured data to your website

The structured data is very useful in checking the status of google's analysing website. Especially if you are a new website owner, you'll mind when the website will be approved by the search engines.

Then I recommend you to set structured data, especially following ones.

  • Breadcrumb
  • BlogPosting
  • Article

In my website, I use these microdata with CMS. The CMS template for main contents has Breadcrumb and Article structured data, and for blog posts contains Breadcrumb and BlogPosting.

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