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Some structure data is detected in 2 days after opened

I opened a new site before 2 days with new domain. Today 4 structured data is shown in the webmaster tools.

Structured data

My website has currently 43 pages. It was 39 pages when I opened it.

The detected pages are ones that I used the "fetch as google". Therefore it is very effective way to make google analyse the pages rapidly.

Article is detected at first

Detected data is "Article (", which is generated by template engine of the content management system.

It is used in main contents. The "Blog Posting" scheme is not currently detected. But I think it will be detected some days later.

When structured data is detected

When structured data is detected on Web Master Tools. Following data will be detected later.

I have some other website, and checking the status. Then the structured data is the first stuff which is shown in the tools. After the data is detected, other data for the pages is detected.

Earlier than index status

The structured data is detected very early phase on analysing the web page. Because currently, no index is registered on sitemap's status page.

Sitemap status on web master tools

On Index Status page, no index is there, at all.

Index status of the google

Therefore, the scheme's detection is considered the second things when the google analysing the web page for index. Maybe it is after parsing the Html and tokenize the keywords.

Other changes

When I opened the website, Googlebot for mobile does not comes. But today, I checked the crawler log, they comes.

The pages where they come are detected pages and other pages. I'll check the crawler continuously, and find something about that.

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