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Use sub domain or directory for a new theme

When you are going to add a new topic theme, you'll consider if add a new directory into current site, or use sub domain. The search engines like websites whose contents are written by specialist.

But you do not have to be too nervous about the themes in a website.

Location of contents with new theme

There are 3 way to locate new contents with another theme.

Create a new website with external domain

The external domain is independent from the current domain. The domain value of current site has nothing to do with the new one.

Therefore if you want to increase the value of current site, I do not recommend this way.

The links to the current site is available, but the new domain has no value because it is just born.

If you are going to bring up the new website, the external links has value.

When the new theme is big theme, and there are a lot of things to write, I recommend you to create a new domain website.

Create a new website with sub domain

The sub domains of current website share the domain value. And the links from sub domain sites are recognized as internal links.

If the new theme is large and you are going to create and bring up a new website, sub domain site is effective way.

The sub domain has a top page, and the links from top page is useful to recognize many pages. Therefore if the pages of current website is hard to be indexed, because the number of pages are too many, I recommend you to create a new site with a sub domain.

If your website has more than 500 pages, to keep the 2 clicks rule without Html based sitemap page is hard. I think you should prepare 3 way to reach the page within 2 click from the top page.

And the site command shows only about 600 pages as actual result list. Therefore I think 500 page is one of the guide number.

New directory of current website

If current website needs more pages, you have to add a directory and create contents in it. This is the most effective way to bring up current website.

When you add a new theme in current website, following things are effective.

  • Volume of information increases
  • Optimised internal links are built

If you create a strong sub domain, the root domain become strong, and it is useful on creating a new sub domain site.

How many theme can exists in a sub domain

Generally speaking, the website which concentrate on specific theme is strong in SEO. But actually, the website which has affluent contents seem to be strong.

The theme is too niche, it is hard to write certain quantity of contents. Therefore we have to consider the balance of concentrating on the special topics and quantity of contents.

Target readers are same, it has no problem

I often research successful websites, then I found these websites are writing about certain width of themes.

There are some personal blog style websites which are writing about the person's hobby and job (Mainly IT). And some of the websites disclose the change of traffic before and after the website is approved by Google.

Therefore I think the themes in a single website do not have to be relevant each other.

But the themes has common target readers. For example, SEO  has nothing to do with taking photo with camera, but the bloggers who are managing website about photograph interested in SEO.

If themes has relevance, it is ideal

The ideal themes on a single website have to be relevant, or intermediately relevant. And the network of themes cover demands of target readers.

Themes in a single website

The goal for first step of SEO is to write enough quantity of contents, but the search engine's goal is to find useful websites for human.

And if the website has too narrow theme, it is assumed that the writer does not have actual experience about the theme.

Therefore you have to design the themes of the website so that it can respond to various demands of target users.

Increase topics for writing articles by adding new theme

Especially for new website owners, they have to write a lot of contents for SEO. The contents should cover certain quantity of topics about the theme of the website.

But as you write the articles continuously focusing on a theme, the topics to write next articles are shorten. Then you have to extend the theme of the website.

By forcibly write contents about too narrow theme, the quantity of information does not increase effectively. That is because the contents, which mention same thing again and again, has same quantity of information of the original semantic.

Then you have to think what is demanded when the readers visit your website.

For example, this website starts with SEO and content marketing. But after writing some contents, I've added following themes.

  • Content Management System
  • Sales copywriting
  • Access up by social media sites
  • Analysing User experience

That is because the readers interested in SEO has goal to promote something, which is product or service.

The SEO is one of the method to aim at the goal. And these topics has relevance each other. Therefore by writing articles, effective internal links can be build.

The technique to extend theme is one to write a lot of SEO friendly contents in a website.

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