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Take measures for topic shortage of blogging

To writing blog article is easy when you have topics, but after consuming the topics, it become hard. In order to get traffic from search engines, you have to write certain quantity of articles.

But shortage of the topics is obstacle of blogging for SEO, especially that is big problem for a new blog site.

Stock the topics for blogging in usual life

It is very hard to remember the topics for blogging, when you want to write. Therefore you have to prepare them in usual life.

Stock the titles when you hit upon a good idea

Stocking idea is necessary to write blog continuously. It is up to the theme of blog, but I always face shortage of topics after writing about 80 to 100 articles.

The number of articles may be the one after writing basic topics. After that, we have to write question and answer topics.

They are very important to the readers who want to learn or investigating something. Even if your contents cover all of the knowledge, but it can not response to various of detailed questions which people actually experiences.

If you have some experience to teach something, I guess you can understand that.

Blog title memo

The titles are the question of these people or the answer. The goal to write the memo is to remember the topics for blog posts.

Therefore you have to consider the title as catch copy, before writing an actual article.

Think again before writing an article

When you write an article, you have to decide the title and theme. Then look at the memo of the titles, and choose a title which seem to easy.

After choosing it, consider following things again.

  1. Who want to know about the title
  2. Summary of the article body for the title
  3. The most interesting things the readers want to know in the summary
  4. Reconsider the optimised title

This task is important, because we write blog articles for human readers, not for search engine crawlers.

You can add articles without the task, but the click through rate and the score of the pages are different. Therefore I strongly recommend you to do these task.

Increase the opportunities to get ideas of blog topics

In addition to taking memo, we have to meet the opportunities to get a lot of ides. As the ideas of the title are stocked, we can calm down ourselves.

When we face shortage of idea, writing the blog is distressing, and speed of writing decreases.

Review your website

Reviewing your own website is effective way to remember new idea. What you think on writing these articles and reading the articles after that is different.

Therefore you'll find what you have to add to the website.

In addition to that, to show the web pages to acquaintances and hear the impression and what they can not understand is also good method.

Read competitor's website

Reading competitor's website is also good way to find ideas. The competitors research information different way form you, therefore they have possibility to write what you did not hit upon.

If you find difficult expressions, to write them in easy way is also good way. If you found the page with search engines, by writing like that, your page has possibility to get upper rank than it.

Once forget to write blog

The brain works in the back ground. If you are tired, once forget writing, and do works about your topic is effective.

My main work is programming, and I have a website whose main topics are programming and the language. When I consumed all topics, I'll do programming.

Use blog with Content Management System

It is very hard to output all of the topics about a theme. Even if we know a lot of things about a theme, it is very hard.

The main and essential topics are usually considered, therefore we can remember them soon. But it is very hard to remember the detail and niche topics, right now.

Therefore I recommend  the style of writing by following order.

  1. Write main topics
  2. Write additional detail as the blog posts and link from the main topic

By writing this style, we can find a lot of topics on writing the main topics. Then write the memo of the titles, and write them later.

Blog and main topic contents

By this method, the website continuously grow up. When the all of topics are consumed and there are nothing to remember, extend the main topic page and we can add blog posts by doing same process.

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