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Build history of rich contents for new websites's SEO

When you start a new website, what you have to do is to make the website be approved by search engines. The most important fact for new websites is trust.

Increase the trust of website at first

A new website is generally not ranked by search engines. That is because it does not have trust.

Trust is for domain, not for pages

The trust score is given for domain, not pages. Therefore the domain's trust score is low. The pages in the domain can not rank even if how excellent content it is.

Therefore at first you have to do is increase the trust score.

Build historical data to be trusted

The Google has following patent.

This patent mention how to evaluate historical data. This patent says following things.

  • Google watch the history of the documents
  • It checks how the document changes
  • It evaluates the ratio and type of update in a period
  • Query analysis (Mainly click through rate) is also used

How much the Google actually implements scoring methods, but we can learn it carefully handle the historical data.

In this patent, only the historical data of links are used to evaluate trust score. But now they are going to find small business owner's excellent home pages.

Therefore if the links data is only the way to calculate the trust score, it can't find them. I think the documents' update history is also used to do that.

Check pages whose history is managed by google

The google do not calculate score from all of the pages. They only do that for important pages.

In order to check which pages are having score from historical data, site command with time range is useful.

Time range search

By using this command, pages with last updated time are listed.

When I start the website, most of pages are not listed in this result. But recently, the number of pages listed here increases dramatically.

What new website owners should do

What new website owners have to do is to build history of the website with rich contents for about 3 to 4 months.

First goal is to get 100 visits/day traffic by long tail keywords

The first goal for these owners are getting 100 visits per day from the search engines. That means the domain value increased so that they can get more traffic by adding contents.

If the domain is too weak, almost no access comes from search engines. Even if by long tail keywords, new domain's pages does not listed on the result. And by adding new blog posts, it does not appears on the result almost at all.

Therefore site owners have to get over such status, as soon as possible. The first thing you have to do is increase the domain value by building history of add/update contents.

Necessary inbound links

Necessary inbound links for new website is very few. I researched a lot of case study fulfils following conditions.

  • Using a new domain, not old domain or sub domain of famous blog services
  • Do not set many self links
  • The website does not exist before start it (or put teaser site with one page before a month )
  • Continuously writing blog articles
  • Succeeded in getting more than 100 traffic from search engines

These websites do not have so many links. The linked status is following.

  • 1 to 3 links from other website relevant to the site theme
  • Links from social media accounts
  • No inbound links

There is a website with no inbound links and succeeded that. But it seems to be slow before getting the traffic, it is 6 to 8 months after creating the site.

Therefore I think you had better to set 1 to 5 links from relevant website or your social media account, in order to make crawling speed faster.

Write a lot of contents continuously for the period

After setting links, you have to do most important task. That is to build history of adding and updating contents.

Initial contents

The initial contents can be zero. But I recommend you to put teaser contents before a month from the start of updating site.

This website starts with about 40 pages at first. But the initial status has nothing to do with SEO score after 3 months.

How many contents we can add at once

You can add as many contents as you can. But most important thing is do not stop adding contents.

SEO companies makes website for link source with a lot of contents written by outsourcing companies. The Google do not like such sites, and going to detect them.

Therefore you have to avoid actions which make Google misunderstand that your site is one of them.

How often the contents have to be added

I think you have to add pages 2 to 3 times in a week. If you can write blog posts every day, it is the best.

But you have to write certain quantity of contents. I guess it is about 400,000 characters. The number of the pages has nothing to do with that.

Considering that, if one page contains 4,000 characters, you have to write 100 pages. If you want to step up as fast as possible, you have to write 100 pages in 3 months, about 90 days.

Then to write 1 articles every day, and prepare 10 initial articles is one of ideal pace example.

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