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Think the integrity of demand to find strong keywords in SEO

When you find keywords which can collect customers going to buy, considering the whole demand is effective. The demand is consists of small demands. And there are strong small demands and weak ones.

Therefore you have to choose strong demands, and corresponding keywords.

The structure of demand of customers

The customers have goal to do something. All of the detailed demands are to fulfil the conditions to execute the goal.

For example, a customer who is going to do web marketing has following demand structure.

Example of demand structure

The customers has goal to do something

The customer respond to the contents which are essential to the mission.

The strength of customer's interest is up to the passion to execute that. By knowing the goal, you can understand which information is effective, and how to write contents to make customers satisfy.

The customers break down the demand into some parts on planning

If you can satisfy the customer by providing total solution, that is ideal. But actually customer's demand is broken down into some parts of demands.

And customers search the small demands. That is because on actual business, the customers have to optimise the solution by themselves.

If they ditch that, they can not acquire excellent solution, in most cases.

Choose strong demands and keywords

The whole demand is broken down into some demands. Each of the broken down demand has different strength.

Therefore you have to choose strong demands from them. By doing that you can collect customers effectively by advertisement and SEO.

Fulfil the last condition of the demand

There are easy demands to satisfy and difficult ones. Customers do not search easy demands to them.

And they can fulfil these demands at first phase of planning. But difficult demands remains until the last.

To fulfil the last of the demand, which is maybe most difficult one, means the completion of the whole mission.

Therefore the difficult demanded parts are strongly demanded.

Customers will use the search engines to find the solution. Then the input keywords are the target of SEO.

The customers are interested in most of topics to execute the goal, but they use search engines for difficult demands, Therefore you can collect customers for the difficult demands, and the surrounding demands.

Independent part is suitable for business

If the difficult demand is solvable with independent solution, it is very suitable for business.

For example, the access analyser like Google's analytics is independent part. By adding javascript code into the html code, it can be added.

The web design and content creation is not independent. That is because the content has images to design.

That is important when you consider the keywords for SEO. Then you have to choose keywords for independent demands, because the customers user keywords for them.

What the customers think they can not do by in-house

There are customers who are going to do something by themselves. For example, the SEO is one of them.

Recently, there are a lot of company which does content marketing with SEO by in-house. Then they do not look for what they can't.

Therefore web creation service with SEO is not suitable for these customers. But SEO consulting service is suitable for them.

Find demands with few competitors

When you do SEO, if you can find your service or product that the differentiated sales point has few competitors, and if there are customers who need it, it is suitable for SEO.

The ranking of the search engines is up to the competitors. Therefore to find blue ocean with few competitors is great method for content marketing.

Total solution is also strongly demanded if it is difficult

If the goal of customer is difficult, the total solution is effective. For example, creating a website which can collect a lot of traffic is difficult. Then customers going to do that by following way.

  • Hire skilled person and do it by in-house
  • Find other partners who can do it

Some wise customers do it by in-house, but others are going to find companies totally support them and lead to good final result. But that is difficult, because to provide total solution is very difficult.

Therefore, to provide total solution is effective way when you do content marketing.

Then you can choose keywords representing the final goal of the customers, and you can write about wide topics. That is very big advantage in SEO.

Example of the goal and demands

As I also wrote in Discover what customers really want, to find the final goal of customers and find entry point of the interest is effective to content SEO.

Content marketing

If you are content marketing company, you have to target following customers.

  1. Customers who does in-house SEO by themselves, and need consulting
  2. Customers who needs total service about making website friendly with SEO
  3. Customers who needs text writing outsourcing service

In this case, there are mainly two types of cases. These are the case that the customer has the concrete requirement, and the customer do not has it.

The first, second customers do not have the concrete requirement, and third customers has it.

When the customer has concrete requirement, that is easy to sell. That is because the keywords they input are easy, but difficult to do SEO.

Otherwise, when the customer do not have definite requirement, and they are finding it. It is difficult to consider the contents for the demands. Then you have to analyse the demands like I write in this page.

But in this case, to do SEO is not so difficult, because the keywords customers input are long tail keywords. Therefore by creating website which traffic from long tail keywords is available, you can collect these customers.

Industrial goods

If you are company of industrial goods supplier, the customers will be professional person. Therefore you have to create contents for these persons.

In this case, to consider the demand is easy, because professional persons in the firm knows the own demands by them selves.

Local services like flower shop

This case is very easy. If you are flower shop owner, then you have to create home page which hits by keywords which represent location and service.

That is because the goal of the customers is simple, and the service is for local people.

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