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Think the theme and growth strategy before making website

When you start to make a new website, planning is most important task for you. In order to succeed in SEO, you have to be able to image how it grows up.

Necessary precondition for website to succeed in SEO

In order to launch website which can get long tail keywords access from search engines. You have to create a website which fulfils following conditions.

  • The website has specific theme
  • Certain level of content's quantity exists
  • Fixed growth strategy exists
  • Internal link's usability is optimised

Now a day, quality of contents is the most important in SEO. In addition to that, to be approved by Google, the website have to contains rich contents.

I guess the quantity is about 400,000 characters in article's body. It has nothing to do with the number of pages.

Successful website with small number of pages, which is less than 100, has pages with many text.

Purpose of your website and effective theme

The first thing for you to think when you start a new website is the theme of the website. A website has a big abstract theme and small themes in it.

In order to keep the quality of entire contents, you had better to write about themes of the website. And you had better not to write about other theme in order to increase the quantity of volume.

Website about completely new theme

If you start a completely new site, you have to plan the theme which has enough width. If the theme is too niche, that will lead to shortage of topics, and you can't prepare enough quantity of contents.

Theme structure

You should choose big theme as the top level theme, which is the most abstract one. The top theme includes many middle themes, and they includes small theme.

I guess you can not list all of the middle and small themes, but by choosing big theme, you can add theme easily.

Additional website to collect customers

If you already have a website, you have to consider the theme so that it is not completely same with old ones. The new site can have same middle theme, but you have to consider to have other theme, which the old websites can not cover.

New site and old site's theme

In addition to that, you have to consider sales strategy. On this case, most of you have websites about your own products or service.

Therefore you have to think when your product is necessary to your customers. That means you have to catch them before introducing your product.

The customers can understand why the product or service is necessary for them, and suitable for them, by reading how to solve the problem.

Therefore your contents to catch the customer contains following things.

  • The situation of the problem, and detail of problem
  • How to solve it

In those page to collect customers, it is very important to mention the detail of problem. That is because it contains keywords your customers queries on search engines.

Check the quantity of the topics in the themes

To have a certain volume of contents is very important for websites to succeed in SEO, especially for new sites.

Therefore you have to choose theme which includes a lot of topics. If choosing a big theme, you can select 2 or three big themes. Then they have to be relevant each other.

When you do it, you have to focus on customer's point of view. Then you have to consider following things.

  • What the customers want to do.
  • What is the problem for customers.

By thinking these two things, I guess you can correct themes and you can image the titles of articles in the website.

How to bring up the website

When you actually start writing contents for website, you can not put them at once. You'll write for pages one after another.

I recommend you to add contents continuously step by step. That is because the search engines need time to analyse the contents. If you want to make the analysing process rapidly, you have to put the pages as soon as possible after you wrote ones.

Plan to add contents step by step

There are 2 types of websites.

  • Completely blog styled website
  • CMS contents and blog articles

If you make blog site, you do not have to consider how to grow up your site. Just write articles step by step.

But in order to make SEO stronger, you have to make main contents, and optimise internal links' usability.

The main contents means the blog categories and what you want customers to read most. And the blog articles are to help the main contents.

Therefore if you want to make CMS with Blog, you have to write the main contents at first. After writing the main contents, write blog articles and put  link to the article on the main article pages.

I recommend you to write contents by following steps.

  1. Write a main content page for a middle theme (2nd level page)
  2. Write main contents for small themes in the middle theme
  3. Write some blog articles for the written main contents
  4. Write other main content pages

The content of main pages can be a little bit abstract, because the blog articles can cover the detail and case studies. And I guess you'll find a lot of topics for blogs.

Fix the main structure and add them as it grows up

The search engines do not like changing the contents. But well maintained website updates contents frequently. Therefore they analyse pages which is frequently updated and not updated, and crawl well updated pages frequently.

Frequently updated page and parts

For example, blog's top page and category pages are updated very often. But the articles are not updated so frequently.

In addition to the pages, they knows parts of pages which are frequently updated, and not updated. The main articles are sometimes updated, not frequently, but the recommendation links and navigation links are often updated.

Search engines dislike reverse engineering

The search engines do not like reverse engineering. Especially Google dislike it. Therefore if they detect signal to testing algorithm by change keywords and test it.

If they detect the signal frequently, they will make delay time to apply the analysed data to search result.

If you change the theme and representing keywords too frequently, they will suspect you do that, and give light penalty.

Add blog continuously to bring up main contents

A new website have to be crawled many times. Adding contents lead to increase the frequency of crawling. If you write blog posts every day, the speed will be faster.

When your website grows up enough, it is not essential to keep the ranking, but for a new website, it is necessary.

Search engines do not trust new websites, therefore they check the history to determine whether the website is maintained well or not.

Linked from trusted website is one of the way to be trusted, but that is also necessary to be trusted. And search engines knows it is very rare for new websites to be linked by highly trusted sites. However they are going to retrieve excellent no brand sites.

Therefore making good history to be trusted is essential to small business owners.

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